XAT 2011 Analysis

XAT 2011 Analysis

Overall exam pattern:

XAT 2011 had same pattern as previous years. It has 101 questions within 120 mins & 20 mins for easy writing. Timings had gone up to 140 mins. There was differential marking.

There are two parts, Part A & Part B. In part A, there are three sections and Part B covers GK & essay writing.

AVerbal AbilityCritical Reasoning, Grammar, ParaJumbles, Odd Sentence Out.
BDecision makingBar diagram, Tables, Charts, Graphical and Statistical Representation.
DQuantitative AbilityAlgebra, Integer, Geometry, Arithmatic, Modern Maths

Detailed Sectional Analysis:

Verbal Ability


The good score is about 26 out of 69 marks.

Decision making

This section mostly contains AR and decision making question with maximum marks of 67.A good score is of about 26 marks.

Quantitative Ability


The good score is about 20 out of 117 marks.



Type of QuestionNo of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Decision Making25Moderate to Tough
Quantitative ability& DI28Moderate
English Language ability & Logical Reasoning32Easy to Moderate

 In Part B, there was a statement given and one had to make a judgment on it, and supply justifications and examples.


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