Most Frequently asked Topics for Essay and GDs ( CAT , CET , XAT , NMAT )

Most Frequently asked Topics for Essay and GDs ( CAT , CET , XAT , NMAT )

Essay writing and GD’s area unit necessary for MBA.Essay’s area unit a vital a part of any application method.As shortly as you get the paper write down all the points that is there in your mind.Try writing your essays with stories in it.While making ready for Essay’s prepare queries associated with your topic in your mind and therefore the next day once you come to life attempt responsive those queries yourself.Read newspapers and Blogs daily to organize for your essay’s.The a lot of you scan the a lot of concepts you get whereas writing any essay’s.

GD’s area unit conducted to seek out out whether or not the candidate possesses the abilities or qualities needed to realize the goals.In this a gaggle of candidates area unit given a subject to debate on and that they get your time to assume on it topic at the moment they\’re asked to start out the discussion among themselves for a definite amount of your time.It is essentially concerning team work.In this they see however people add cluster to realize their goals.While the give-and-take goes on you need to see thereto that the members with you within the cluster feel comfy with you and your answers.Avoid victimization an equivalent pointer employed by your cluster member before.Try human action with them by occupation them by their name.If the person is disputation keep calm don\’t get angry.Reply to them by oral communication sir i don\’t comply with your purpose.Try convincing them towards your opinion.

Here area unit some commonly asked topics given to CAT qualifiers over previous couple of years by IIMs :


  • Mankind ought to finish war before war ends man.
  • Religion, a curse for society.
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
  • How would you management farmer suicides(ABM).
  • Sensationalism in media ought to be expurgated
  • Everything ought to be as straightforward as is however not easier
  • Indian agriculture sector
  • Profit is that the solely business of business.
  • Direct democracy rather than representative democracy will solve the matter of corruption
  • India v/s Bharat- a divided nation.
  • FDIs in academic Institutes.
  • Layoffs will provides a new direction.
  • India wants United States within the gift times.
  • Asian Union- is it possible?
  • Concerns over kid labor could be a mischievous ploy by western economic interests
  • Give your views on book launches, social promotion around books and bestselling novels.
  • Unhappy is that the country that has no leaders.
  • Has the definition of heroes changed? however concerning heroes in Republic of India. offer your opinion.
  • Suicides in schools area unit on a rise. Analyze and provides comments relating to this trend. however would you act to counteract this?
  • People don’t seem to be taking care of their recent. recommend however we will save our recent.
  • Freedom is that the freedom to mention two + two = four. Once that’s granted, everything else follows


  • Legalising doping in sports in present.
  • Should essential services like electricity and water be privatised?
  • In India, ought to minorities be the primary right to resources?
  • Breaking larger state into smaller states is correctness.
  • More IITs and IIMs can dilute quality of education.
  • The only thanks to cut back crime is to extend the severity of punishments.
  • Women’s Reservation bill can enhance the gender divide.
  • Beauty pageants objectify girls.
  • If life could be a competition, success is that the final quest, then success is all that matters.
  • The Government is true in denying provision of surplus food grains at no cost to individuals below personal income.
  • Religion is that the solely thanks to attain Spirituality.
  • The major reason behind the success of market economy isn’t greed-based however success-based.
  • Positive discrimination is that the worth we tend to area unit paying within the gift for the past.
  • Taboos and Traditions area unit nothing however a cultural baggage.
  • He UN agency is aware of a way to be poor is aware of everything
  • Habit and routine have an implausible power to waste and destroy
  • A fool will raise a lot of queries in Associate in Nursing hour than a intellectual will answer in seven years
  • You have to interrupt many eggs to create Associate in Nursing omellette
  • When all you have got could be a hammer everything sounds like a nail
  • If you would like peace, steel oneself against war
  • Patience could be a bitter plant however it bears sweet fruit
  • Cursing the weather is dangerous farming
  • It is higher to turn lucky than made
  • Good judgement comes from expertise and knowledge comes from poor judgement
  • If you’re not an area of the answer, you\’re a part of the matter
  • Rules area unit created to be broken
  • Life has become dangerous during this unipolar world
  • A permanent seat within the United Nations SC is neither necessary nor enough for Republic of India to become a nation
  • A university is what a school becomes once the college loses interest in teaching the scholars
  • In business, the rear read mirror is clearer than the windscreen
  • True happiness is got only you create the others feel that they\’re liable for it
  • A room while not books is sort of a body while not soul
  • Speculation is Associate in Nursing art of life
  • The validity of science lies in its power to predict


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