How to Crack GRE in 3 Months

How to Crack GRE in 3 Months

How to Crack GRE in 3 Months

Majority of students spend between two and three months preparing for the GRE. Given we all struggle to sustain our attention and concentration for more than this long, such a duration makes perfect sense. After all, life’s inevitable “bumps” and distractions are far more likely to derail you during a six months studying for the GRE that you are better off giving it your all over a period of 2 to 3 months. Here is the perfect plan for those who can commit both the time and the cognitive resources necessary for a few months.

A study plan of Catking will give structure to your preparation and will ensure that you are preparing the right way.

MONTH 1: Target Quant

  • GRE tests you on high school Maths only. You will not be tested on advanced topics such as calculus.• The GRE Maths maybe a little more intimidating for you if you didn’t have Maths in high school. Though the engineering students may not find Maths tested on the GRE to be very challenging, but they will see that they would have forgotten quite a few concepts and you may know how to solve a question but you may not know how best to solve a question.
  • Go through the GRE Study material provided by CATKing
    ?>Start going through the Maths concepts from the Official Guide and simultaneously start with the Quant concepts and formulae document in our lesson module section to get familiar with what you’d be up against.• Go through the topics one by one and do a sufficient number of questions from each topic so that you understand not only the concepts but their application too.• Start taking maths tests from our online test and do a thorough analysis of the questions.• Once you’ve identified the weak area, patch up those areas by going through the topic again and spending sometime on it. By the end of one month, you should be prepared enough for Maths and you should be ready to move on to the next challenge that is verbal.

MONTH 2: Focus on Verbal

  • Start with a topics provided in lesson modules, learn the strategies and then practice 10-15 questions from that topic per day. Make sure that you spend a good amount of time in analyzing the questions.• If you would have been reading editorials daily as suggested in month 1, by the second month, your comprehension skills would have improved quite a lot and you should be able to read complex passages. As you prepare for Verbal in the second month, remember that you do not stop studying Maths altogether. A good idea is to do 5 Maths questions everyday so that you feel that you are in touch with maths.• For Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion, you’ll have to primarily do Vocabulary, so in the first week, learn root words. This will make learning words a much more logical process and will give you a good foundation to learn words. Check out Verbal ability videos on Youtube which would also help you to prepare for GRE

• Book your GRE date in the second week.

• In the second week, practice Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions. If you’d have gone as per the suggested plan, you shouldn’t face much difficulty in doing these questions. Do not freak out learning very difficult words.

• Start with the Reading comprehension part in the third week of this month. Go through the Types of questions tested on. Learn the strategies for tackling each type of question. For example, the strategy for tackling an inference question is absolutely different from that used for tackling detail questions.

MONTH 3: Practicing and Reviewing

  • This month should be spent in taking full length tests, reviewing them and addressing your test taking weaknesses.• Take two full length tests provided by CATking. Take these practice tests preferably at the same time of the day for which you have booked your slot for. This will help your body get used to the timing.• In the first week, book your GRE date, if you haven’t already done so. In some testing centres, the GRE dates may not be easily available all the more so during the peak test taking season so it’s best to book it in the second month itself.• In the third week, take two more full length tests. Save one for the last week.• In the last week, take only one exam. Make sure that you take this exam at least 3 days before the exam.• Sleep well during the last few days. Do not study anything new in the last few days; rather focus on revising whatever you have done so far. Relax completely on the last day before the exam.• Take the GRE and blow it away!



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