NMAT, a prep strategy

NMAT, a prep strategy

NMAT is the key for the gate of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Get onto the quick look of the exam pattern

NMAT by GMAC™ exam has three sections: 
· Language Skills(32 questions with duration of 22 minutes) 
· Quantitative Skills (48 questions with duration of 60 minutes)
· Logical Reasoning (40 questions with duration of 22 minutes).
NMAT is all about speed and accuracy. Even National Highways have speed limit but NMAT doesn’t. As fast as you can attempt questions, the better. Since there is no negative marking in NMAT, you can attempt as many questions as you can, if not all. What is the point of attempting the maximum number of questions if most of them turn out to be wrong? Try to strike a balance between speed & accuracy. Just because there is no negative marking, don’t go marking random answers!
Take a look of the syllabus as well:
Quantitative Aptitude
Percentages, Averages, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Ratio Proportions, Time and Work, Time Speed & Distance, Number Systems, Algebra, Quadratic and Linear equations, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability, Permutation & Combination, Mensuration, Data Sufficiency
Verbal Ability 
Reading Comprehension, Syllogisms, Critical Reasoning, Assertions and Reasons, Assumptions, Conclusions, Inferences, Courses of action, Strong & Weak arguments, FIJs, Para jumbles, Para completion, Grammar, Sentence Correction, Antonyms & Synonyms, Homophones, FIBs
Data Interpretation
Interpretation and analysis of data represented through Tables, Line Charts, Bar Graph, Pie Charts, Venn Diagrams and Combination Graphs
Logical Reasoning
Family Based Puzzles, Characteristics and Traits, Number Based, True & False, Seating Arrangements, Circular Arrangements, Cubes & Dice, Coding / Decoding, Input / Output, Directions, Calendars, Symbols and Notations, Odd Man Out
Following tips would guide the candidates for success:
· Strategy is the magical band. Develop your own strategy while preparations.
· Try to convert all your negative to positive and positive to most positive.
· Spend more time on practicing and understanding the solved examples. Once you are confident, then move onto unsolved examples.
· Now comes the important step, the actual mock tests. Give as much as mocks you can.
· If you are comfortable, then just don’t leave out the last years NMAT actual question paper as well.
· Stick onto the basics and be strong. Revising the basics would be helpful.
· The secret weapon, shortcuts which play a pivotal role in NMAT, as you can save more time out of the shortcuts. Develop your own shortcuts or get to know about the available shortcuts.
· While practicing, it would be better if you could go extreme of the syllabus, as sometimes it would be monotonous, if you could hang onto single topic.
· Give your NMAT as early as possible which will get you time for second/third attempt. It all depends on your speed and presence of your mind. Luck also plays an important role.
Happy Preparation.!!

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