Post SNAP: GE, WAT & PI process

Post SNAP: GE, WAT & PI process

Post SNAP is the GE, WAT and PI process. Candidates are shortlisted based on the performance in SNAP. Every institute has the separate cut off for short listing the students and will have their own separate GE-PIWAT which will be orchestrated at their respective campus premises. So, registered students will have to visit the campuses for their final round of selection.

The Weights for shortlisting is scaled out of 50 which is calculated as SNAP Score out of 180 Scaled Down to 50.
Performance in Group Exercise will be awarded with 10 points. Candidates are tested based on the innovative and creative thought process. Additionally leadership qualities, confidence, content and delivery also evaluated. Candidates are awarded higher scored based upon the performance of the above mentioned skills. It is always a surprise for the candidates to know about the group exercise which would be revealed on the D-Day. The candidate may be given an indoor practical task, outdoor group exercise, case studies, presentations, creating a proposal, performing skits, role plays and so on. Some of the past group exercise are,
· A group of 8 students were blindfolded and then given a twisted rope. They were asked to arrange themselves in such a way as to form an 8 pointed star. 
  Similarly, the group members were asked to arrange themselves and form a square.
· There was a brick lying on the floor and the team members were asked to stand one above another on it.
· The team members were given a card board, chart paper, pencil to create any structure out of the materials provided, length being 150mm.
Writing Ability Test (WAT) is another component of the final admission round at Symbiosis International University (SIU) for getting admission to the MBA program. Total 10 marks have been allotted for WAT. It is to test you on your logical articulation. It will graded by the panelists based on performance of he candidate. WAT would also include writing exercises based on pictures. Also due weightage has been given to the essay in the Annexure to provide the interviewers with a broad idea about the candidate and the CIF forms that received. Kindly pay some attention and fill them appropriately. Due credit will be given to the quality of content while evaluating candidate’s submissions. Some of the previous WAT topics are,
· India’s foreign policy is dictated by the US
· Freedom of opinion can only exist when the govt. itself feels secure.
· Can India be ignored by the international community?
· Democracy made a glorious comeback as the catchword of the revolution
· Arab world will definitely have an impact on India
· Looking at past 10 years of India it is portrayed as emerging superpower, but all this is overhyped.
· A strong legislation would require an effective enforcement
· Direct democracy instead of representative democracy can solve the problem of corruption
Every candidate will also go through the process of Personal Interaction conducted by a panel of experts as finalized by the Admission Committee and this will carry 30 marks. Candidates would be judged on your confidence, thought clarity, and content to name a few things. Like we mentioned leadership skill, how well you can fit in SIBM culture, your reason for doing MBA. There are no specific parameters as mentioned. But candidates should be able to answer all questions about yourself and about recent occupation accurately. Politeness will hold you in good stead inside the interview room, and outside it as well. Also, analyzing your relative strengths / weaknesses will help you to take remedial action for future.
SIBM, Pune uniquely provides Mentor program or the Buddy program is designed in such a way that all candidates doubts and queries will be answered individually. by one buddy from SIBM,Pune assigned to each candidate who will solve your doubts or queries.
Final merit list is prepared out of the scale of 100 distributed across SNAP(as consolidated before 50 marks), Group Exercise(10 marks), Writing Ability Test(10 marks) and Personal Interaction (30 marks)
Happy SIMBians.!!!

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