MH- CET 2011 Analysis


MH- CET 2011 Analysis


MH-CET 2011 had 200 questions without any distinct sections. The questions were from the following topics: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Quantitative Comparison and Data Sufficiency.

The overall difficulty level of the paper was moderate to difficult; with a few sitters interspersed in between the other questions; which were difficult to spot.

Below is the Entire CET 2011 Analysis –

.MH-CET 2011 Analysis

CET 2011 Analysis

Salient Features:

1.Questions were more difficult and lengthy as compared to the previous year’s papers.

2.Typical CET question types like Selection Criteria, BODMAS, Jumbled Sentences,Probably/Definitely True or False, Fill in the blanks (Single and Dual), Sentence Correction, Synonym-Antonyms were absent.

3.Many questions had the option ‘None of these’.

4.Unlike previous year’s papers, which used to have questions in sets of 5, this year’s paper had variable number of questions in each set.

MH-CET 2011 Analysis


Verbal Ability – 80 Questions

The concept wise breakup of the questions from this section is as given below:

MH-CET 2011 AnalysisMH-CET 2011 Analysis

Overall, the core Verbal ability questions were simple to moderate, though the CriticalReasoning was slightly difficult.

There were conventional ‘Critical Reasoning’ type questions with one small paragraphfollowed by a single question on inference, conclusion etc. However, the new question type where a passage was followed by 5 statements and the student had to identify which statement was as inference or assumption or an effect etc. was quite a shocker.

The ‘Reading Comprehension’ part was also quite unexpected since there were in all 32questions which could not have been left out. Two of the passages were quite simplewith direct questions. However, the other two were slightly lengthy and difficult tounderstand.

‘Mark the Error’ questions consisted of a statement broken into 4 parts. The studenthad to mark the part which contained a grammatical error. The fifth option was to beselected in case of No Error. This question type was simple and doable.

The ‘Cloze Passage’ was simple to understand. The theme of the passage was ‘Effect ofrising prices on the poor’. However, the options were quite tricky.

‘Syllogisms’ questions were quite straightforward. They consisted of 3 statements,followed by 2 or 4 conclusions. However, the question stated that the conclusion shouldfollow from all the 3 statements


QA – DS – DI – 50 Questions

The concept wise breakup of the questions from this section is as given below.

MH-CET 2011 AnalysisMH-CET 2011 Analysis MH-CET 2011 Analysis

The questions on Quantitative Comparison and Data Sufficiency were simple and should have been attempted.
Also the Geometry questions were easy.
The Arithmetic questions were of moderate difficulty level but at least 7 questions were manageable.
3 out of the 4 DI sets could have been solved easily. The set on Pie chart involved some amount of calculation and hence was time consuming. CET 2011 Analysis

Logical Reasoning – 45 Questions

The concept wise breakup of the questions from this section is as given below.

MH-CET 2011 Analysis

MH-CET 2011 AnalysisMH-CET 2011 Analysis

Visual Reasoning – 25 Questions

The concept wise breakup of the questions from this section is as given below.

MH-CET 2011 Analysis

The Visual Reasoning questions were on expected lines. The Analogy questions consisted of 5 figures in each question where only one followed a different pattern.These were generally on the easier side.
The Odd Man Out were the most difficult of all the Visual Reasoning questions asked and could have been attempted towards the end of the paper.
The “Find the Missing Figure” and “Complete the Series” questions were also slightly difficult.
In general, MH-CET 2011 was difficult as compared to its predecessors. The number of attempts and cut-offs are expected to be on the lower side.
The cut-off for JBIMS (for the general category) can be said to be in the range of 130-135, at this stage.


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