MH- CET 2009 Analysis

MH- CET 2009 Analysis

MH- CET 2009 was a lengthy as well as time consuming test. It was mostly on the same lines as previous year’s papers, but with a few new types of questions. The new question types increased the amount of time taken, and also reduced the confidence levels. But, for the well-prepared student, it was doable.
Below is the entire CET 2009 Analysis –

Sectional Breakup of Questions:



Verbal Ability

 The questions were on expected lines, except for one or two novel question types. The passages were extremely short, and one-third of the questions were vocabulary-based, as usual. CET 2009 Analysis

Coming to specific question types, the multiple fill in the blank with ten questions was very simple, and one could expect to score of eight out of ten easily. Logical set theory with “either/or” as an answer option made it tricky. “Incomplete sentences” was a new question type. It was a low-speed, low-accuracy question type and hence avoidable. Questions on vocabulary were relatively doable.


Logical Reasoning

These questions were easier compared to last year. A few new types of questions were introduced and questions related to statements were reduced.


Visual Reasoning

The question paper had similar types of questions with respect to last year. A few questions on analogies were difficult.


Quantitative Ability

This time the number of quantitative ability questions was less. There were only 15 questions compared to previous years which had 25 questions. All the questions were doable and could have been solved in less than a minute on an average.

The 5 questions were on probability and permutations and combination which were formula based.

The 10 sets of ten questions on finding approximate and exact value were standard.


Data Interpretation

There were 5 data interpretation sets, each of them having 5 questions. All were calculation intensive and have application process like ratio, proportion, percentages and averages.


Data Sufficiency

There were 10 questions on data sufficiency. Most of them were very easy except  one on identifying the three digit number which should have been avoided. All others were doable in one minute per question.



Check out the entire MH-CET Analysis here : CET Analysis

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