XAT – How to tackle decision making.

XAT – How to tackle decision making.

The Decision Making section in XAT is very unique among all MBA competitive exams. This section primarily tests candidate’s knowledge, attitude, spontaneous thinking and positive approach. This sections plays a pivotal role in percentile and candidate should make serious efforts to score maximum.

The questions in this section can be widely segregated into four sections:
· Logical
· Financial issues
· Managerial thought process
· Personal & Ethical dilemmas.
There are a few simple tricks to ace this part of the XAT paper.
· Identify the people associated with the event:
Skim the passage give and a quick analyze is required to identify the people who are relevant to you in the context of the given question. Get to know about the scope of the situation which will help you in making right decision. Keep the list of people in mind as you understand the question and move towards solving it.
· Pick up a holistic approach:
Once people in the scene known, analyze the situation from the perspective view of all the stakeholders. Look at it from every angle and from the point of view of every person involved in the situation. Neglecting any aspect of the situation might not be very helpful in solving the question.
· Benefit of the most people:
The selected option must benefit the maximum number of stakeholders involved in the scene. After analyzing the different perspective view of the situation, the option that makes the maximum benefit to the large number of people should be given first preference. This might make you select the least risky option out of all, but be assured that is probably the answer that is correct.
· Say “No to self-opinion”: 
The option that is correct in the given scenario might be completely the opposite of the candidate’s own personal opinion. This is one place where candidates should keep your value system aside and choose what seems like the most ethical for the given situation. If this means that you have to put yourself in the shoes of God himself, please do. The option that you select must be the most morally correct thing among all the options given there.
· Believe on good ethical way: 
Every time there is a choice between that gives material advantage but does not seem very ethical, the right thing to do is stay away from that option instead always go by ethical way. Decision Making section is more often than does not test personal ethics. Hence, obviously choose the most ethical answer.
· Just diagnose why the other options doesn’t match:
Just go a step ahead and put a diagnostic view to know the reason behind wrong answers as well. This section is so designed that it gives a feel that all the answers can be correct. Surprise! These options are enticing but they are most likely to be wrong. Analyze why they are wrong. Once you know why not  to select the other options, it is easier to select the right one.
· Ask yourself key questions: 
Yes, do not waste too much time on one question, but while you are at it, ask yourself if you have covered all the bases. It is easy to make a wrong decision when you miss out an important bit of information. Take into account every bit of information that you can and make a sound decision.
Finally analyzing the situation with logically and with ethical approach can be the best way to crack XAT decision making section.
Stay Thinking.!!

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