Historical Cause for the Rise of ISIS


Historical Cause for the Rise of ISIS



Rise of ISIS


ISIS began more than two decades ago as a fervid fantasy in the mind of a Jordanian named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It was established in 1999 at Afghanistan but remained a local and less significant force till 2001. There his presence went largely unnoticed until the Bush administration used it as evidence that al-Qaeda was in joint activities with Saddam Hussein. In reality, though, Zarqawi was a free agent, looking to create his own terror organization.

In 2003-04, Zarqawi joined forces with Al-Qaeda to form a potent force in the Afghan region. Although Zarqawi’s ideals were similar to bin Laden’s, his targets were quite different. From the start, Zarqawi directed his malevolence at fellow Muslims, especially Iraq’s majority Shiite population. Bin Laden and al-Qaeda regarded the Shiites as heretics, but rarely targeted them for slaughter.

ISIS continued its existence under Al Qaeda and it was only during the American military withdrawal in 2011 from Iraq that ISIS gained a separate identity. Headed now by Al Baghdadi, it recruited many former Iraqi military officers and fighters under its head. It started gaining major chunks of Iraq.

During the Syrian Civil War, ISIS gained notoriety for its activities. With the use of biological weapons during Al-Assad’s regime, people convincingly took the help of ISIS in order to overthrow Assad. ISIS misused the support to further its own claims. It changed the landscape of the Civil War by turning it into a territorial war. It then declared itself the opponents of Shiite community.

Such was the power of ISIS that Al Qaeda declared that ISIS didn’t, anymore, belong with them. With Al Baghdadi at the helm, ISIS has been the most feared terrorist organization since the past three years. The rise of ISIS is the worst deed Al Assad could have ever made.

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