GDPI at KJ Somaiya

KJ Somaiya GDPI Experiences

GDPI at KJ Somaiya


KJ Somaiya GDPI Experiences

  GDPI at KJ Somaiya

This article is all about the GDPI at KJ Somaiya experiences by the students. It all starts with filling up your profile with pen. The candidate has to carry a print out of SOP (Statement of Purpose) along with an ID card to the GDPI center. The SOP should be in a specified format i.e 1.5 spacing. Most of the students would reach the venue early before the reporting time. At first they will call you for registration. The candidate has to show the Government issued ID proof and mark the attendance. A short video about the college and the admission procedure would be shown to the students and the doubts regarding the same would be cleared at the same time.

The actual GDPI round starts now. A group of 8-9 students would be made and a printout of case study would be given to them. It would be case based GD. Some of the previous topics for the case GD are:

  • Software company in crisis
  • Company having low turnover rate due to its boring job,
  • India moving on from an agriculture based economy to service based economy to a manufacturing company to …?? What should be really done??
  • XYZ is the project head, many employees switch over to other company as they get higher salary and an opportunity for a job experience abroad in a year. This affects company’s performance. XYZ also fails to communicate the details from the metallic company for the project requirements. Somehow manages to complete the program in given time does not check it before delivering. It has some bugs, next the company gets more order but loses out on many offers due to this. They had asked how you would suggest to handle this situation.

3 minutes would be given to jot down the points. And 12mins for the discussion. Everyone would get ample opportunity to speak. The moderator will ask each candidate to summarize the discussion.

Then the PI round starts. There would be 2 moderators and you need to submit your application and SOP to them. The questions may come to you as in rapid fire round is going on. It as such depends on the moderator.

Some of the previous questions asked in the interview round were:

  • What is marketing?


  • What is the difference between marketing and sales?


  • Sell this water bottle to the person sitting next to me. -,-


  • If you were the HRD minister what would you do? Tell 3 points. Told 2 and was about to say 3rd, they popped with next question.


  • What is the literacy rate of India? Are you sure?


  • How do you think Japanese will help you in the future?


  • How does reading crime fiction help you in a good way? -,-


  • Why do you want to leave your job?


  • How does the extracurricular activities help you?


  • Why KJ Somaiya?


Critical questions may be asked about your profile and the things mentioned in your SOP. Be thorough with whatever you mention in your profile. Try to justify it with examples. The interview session would last for around 12-15 mins.Good luck to all those appearing for the interview.






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