How to get calls from IIM’s in spite of poor academic records

How to get calls from IIM’s in spite of poor academic records

How to get calls from IIM’s in spite of poor academic records

Even if you have a low academic record, you don’t have to worry. You can overcome low academic performance by having –

  1. Good CAT Percentile
  2. Good profile

99+ Percentile should be your target.

For building a good profile I would recommend the following  –

1] Certifications – A certification in the relevant field, might give you an upper edge over others, and if not, would definitely give you something to boast about in the PI. Again, you would have to make sure that the certification you are going is relevant to the profile you are going for in MBA.

aMBA Finance aspirants can appear for NCFM moduleslink of which is The best  certifications provided by NCFM are:

i) Certified financial planner certification

ii) Financial markets

iii) Security markets

b. MBA Marketing aspirants can undertake the digital marketing course(DMC)link of which is . In this course, student will get conceptual knowledge and he will also get access to a live project .

c.Additionally, students can do online coursesfrom the top universities like Stanford, Michigan , etc from coursera . Link is

2] Internship – The internship you go for should be relevant for the stream that you are going to apply for in the B-School. Just doing any internship will not help much. Students can search for internships on websites like internshala, letsintern, etc. Links are , .

a. Start up internship– Interning at a startupgives you more practical, transferable experience and allows you to see the inner workings of an entire (small) company. 

Mia Mia company is a newly started local search engine which will give an excellent exposure to Business Development, Customer Relation Management, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management.  Link is .

b. Internship at large firm– Interning at a large companyprovides you with a recognizable brand name and teaches you about how large organizations function.

MBA Marketing aspirations can opt for companies like P&G, HUL, Pepsi, etc

MBA Finance aspirants can opt for companies like deloitte, mckinsey ,etc

3] Community Work – Social work with a Not-For-Profit always help to build your CV and gives you an added advantage, apart from the real time experience you get from it. The experience that you’ve garnered from your internship/volunteering at the NGO can help you convert your call. At the end of it, it is not the certificate, but the learnings, which matter .If you have done significant work in the NGO, which has brought a good amount of value addition to the society as well as yourself, then definitely, you can use it in your PI round. You will have something to talk about other than your normal work. If you are interested in Social Entrepreneurship, then it can do wonders for you. There are a number of reputed NGO’s in India like Sounds Of Silence (India’s 1st tech based NGO) which you can join. Link is .

4] Work Ex in the Same Profile – The most common question to engineers in the PIs is – “Why MBA after engineering” ? This is definitely a pickle. If you can, make sure you pursue your current job in the profile where you would be working after your MBA.

5] Interesting profile – Your profile should stand out in the interview. Go for workshops like “Be a scientist for a day”, “Star gazing” , go on treks in order to build an interesting profile.

6] Ranks in Sports/education – You will definitely have an upper edge if you have a rank at national/state/district level in sports or education.

7] Know the latest happenings– keep a check on the latest happening in order to get through the GD/PI .Read economic times newspaper and business magazines for this purpose.



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