How to start with CAT : CAT Pattern and Quick Tips

How to start with CAT : CAT Pattern and Quick Tips

To start with CAT, we must know what is the exact pattern of CAT. Understanding the pattern, helps you to have a deep dive on how and what to concentrate on while preparing for the exam.



The pattern for CAT is divided into 3 sections :

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
  3. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

To start with Quantitative Ability, major focus should be on the following topics :

  •  Number Systems
  • Geometry
  • Time Distance and Speed
  • Time and Work
  • Probability
  • Permutation and Combination

Logical Reasoning topics of prime concern are:

  • Seating arrangements
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Critical, Analytical and Arithmetical Reasoning
  • Puzzles

Data Interpretation consists of only 25 different types of question that can be asked in any competitive exam. Topics like bar graph, line graph, pie chart, tables, etc. must be covered properly.

The IIMs have changed the next section name from Verbal Ability to Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension which makes it quite evident that RC is going to cover the major part of this section. Last year, 24 questions were on RC and para jumbles constituted the rest of the section.

Key Points to consider to improve Verbal Ability Basics are :

  • To achieve good comprehending skills, good command on vocabulary is needed and to do it, Norman Lewis is the best recommend way. There are 46 sessions that help you have that control needed to crack Verbal Ability section with 98%ile +.
  • A study says, a thought pops in a  human brain every 11 seconds.Norman Lewis also helps increase concentration while reading a passage; because as soon as you recognize a word- read and learnt previously, you tend to read further. This eventually helps you in avoiding various thoughts that come across your mind and you can excel.
  • To take your vocabulary to the next level, you can start purchasing one book every week and try to finish it before you buy a new one. This doesn’t mean you keep procrastinating with just one book for a month or so. If we consider there are 6 months to CAT from today; so 6*4=24 weeks. Keep aside Rs.2400/- and start purchasing a book every week irrespective to whether you read it or no. There will be a day when you yourself feel ashamed and start reading the books you have purchased.

Few books recommended to be read by every IIM Aspirant —



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