CAT analysis from 2009-2015 (MBA entrance preparation)

CAT analysis from 2009-2015 (MBA entrance preparation)

Why is CAT analysis important?

There are two type of students one does smart work and the other one goes for donkey work. CAT analysis will give you an overview of what are the favourite chapters of the paper setters. Who was the paper setter and what was the level of CAT examination.

Analysis of CAT exam from 2009-2015

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What about CAT 2016 ?

This year the paper setter of CAT exam is IIM Banglore.So one should probably focus more on their Verbal Section. This doesn’t mean ignore other subjects.Be thorough with other sections too.

Tips for CAT 2016

  • Maximize your score by focusing on verbal.
  • Practice Reading comprehensions daily.
  • To know how to maximize your score through verbal section click on Verbal Maximizer


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