Exam Analysis: CAT 2015- MBA entrance preparation

Exam Analysis: CAT 2015- MBA entrance preparation

Two Lakh, Eighteen Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty Four. That is the number of MBA-aspirants that registered for CAT 2015.

CAT 2015- analysis-1

CAT 2015- analysis-1

This year saw the highest registration ever since CAT 2010. In spite of this huge number, CAT 2015 wasn’t conducted on two days like CAT 2014. CAT 2015 was conducted on one single day. There were two slots. Morning & Afternoon. It was an online exam. Also, students did not have the option of jumping between sections. Each section had to be solved individually. And solely in the prescribed time limit. The order was Verbal Ability, DI & Logic, followed by Quantitative Aptitude.






The test-takers for entrance exams, especially CAT, keep increasing. Up till 2013, the difficulty levels of the paper ranged from moderate to tough. The 2014 exam had some tough questions. CAT 2015 was similar to 2014. It had some easy as well as some moderate to tough questions.





QA section(CAT 2015):


QA ranged from easy to moderate. Some questions were a bit lengthy. There were 5 questions on Geometry. The questions in Quant tested the foundations and logic-applying skills of the candidate. Students with adequate practice in Mocks and earlier year’s papers were well-equipped to crack this section. The trick was to find sitters and get them over with. Another trick was to not waste too much time in case of any lengthy calculations and move on to the next question.





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Verbal Ability had 24 questions in Reading Comprehension. This was a major change, as compared to previous papers. Difficulty level of RC was moderate. Around 15-17 correct attempts in RC would be considered a good attempt. The other major change was that, para-jumbles and other VA questions didn’t have options this year. The plus part is that there wasn’t any negative marking here. The minus part was that one couldn’t depend on options for any help. All-in-all, the verbal section was easy and with 34 questions, could make or break a student’s attempt for a good percentile.





DI-LR section: cat-analysis-2015-4

Questions in DI & LR were in equal ratio. The pattern was of 8 sets with 4 sets DI and 4 sets LR. They were more or less moderate in terms of difficulty. Some questions had lengthy calculations. Others had complex diagrams/patterns along with easy questions. Due to lengthy sets, students found LR/DI to be a bit difficult.





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What matters here isn’t the toughness of the paper. Because toughness, is relative. What is tough for one student may not be tough for another. What does matter is the break-up and analysis of the paper and how students can use that info to prepare for CAT 2016, and give their best. Learn from this analysis and prepare for CAT 2016 with gusto.


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