Exam Analysis: IIFT 2015- entrance test preparation

Exam Analysis: IIFT 2015- entrance test preparation

As of 2014, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was ranked #6 in India by the Wall Street Journal. The entrance exam, IIFT 2015 was held on November 22nd, 2015. Around 47,000 students took the exam for the International Business (IB) Course. With around 270 seats, the competition was high with 1500 students getting selected for the final admission rounds.

Getting selected from the 47,000 students and being included in the 1500+ list takes practice and good preparation. In order to prepare well, one must KNOW the exam well. Here is a detailed analysis of IIFT 2015, prepared by our experts, for our students.

IIFT 2015-analysis-1

IIFT 2015-analysis-1

Total Time: 120 mins

Negative Marking: 1/3rd of the marks allotted for the question.

Total no of sets: 4 (A, B, C, D)

Pattern of IIFT 2015 was a bit different from IIFT 2014. IIFT 2014 had 118 questions while IIFT 2015 had 124.

IIFT 2015 wasn’t tough. It was easy to moderate as compared to IIFT 2014. IIFT 2015 was much similar to IIFT 2013.

Since there are sectional cut-offs in IIFT, it is essential to prepare well in all the sections mentioned above.


General Awareness- IIFT 2015

Questions were a combination of different areas. No surprises here. Current and Static GK questions made up the majority. Books and their authors, Companies and their CEOs, discoveries, 14th Finance Commission were the topics for some of the questions. There were a few questions on the European Union (EU). 8-10 minutes would have been more than enough to attempt each question as long as the candidate would have prepared well by reading newspapers and Current Affairs articles.


Reading Comprehension


Reading Comprehension passages were to the point. And so were the questions following the passages. There were 4 lengthy passages where one passage was lengthier than the other three. Apart from a few tough questions, this section was fairly easy. Devoting 20 mins and getting around 10 questions from 3 passages correct, would be considered a good attempt.




English Usage



This section had 20 questions. Sentence Completion and Vocabulary-based questions made up the majority in this year’s paper. 15 mins would be a good amount to spend in this section. Questions were easy and direct.





        Quantitative Ability


This section was easy to moderate and not as tough as IIFT 2014. Most of the topics were covered. Arithmetic questions were based upon Equations, Percentages, Mixtures, Time & Work and Time & Distance. Algebra consisted of Progressions, Indices and logs. Some questions were calculation intensive. Finding sitters and taking them out would boost the student’s chances tremendously. 30 mins would have been a good time to devote to this section.



Data Interpretation


18 questions were distributed among 4 sets. Some questions were easy to understand. Some were calculation-lengthy. Two sets had multiple data sets and had to be taken into consideration simultaneously in order to solve the problem. No online calculators here to provide relief from calculations (unlike CAT). Using approximation, one could have increased their speed. 20 minutes would be the ideal time to spend on this section.






Logical Reasoning iift-analysis-6


Logical Ability Section was well-represented in IIFT 2015. Analytical Reasoning questions on family and relationships were moderate while the others were comparatively easy. 20 mins would have been enough for this section. Students would have preferred finishing LR and securing their scores before moving on to DI.






Finally, all of the marks scored above by a student would contribute to the cut-offs mentioned below.



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