2 months to NMAT preparation (2016- 2017)

2 months to NMAT preparation (2016- 2017)

How To Prepare For NMAT

NMAT by GMAC is the aptitude test held by NMIMS.  It’s score is used to get admitted to various management courses in NMIMS university campuses located in several cities of India.These campuses are in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Tips to crack NMAT with good score


  • NMAT allows you to choose the section order for your attempt. Make the most of this option and choose your sections wisely. Make sure to start with your strength so the your morale gets a boost.
  • Avoid emotional attachment with any question. If you are not able to reach to an answer in about 45 seconds, just flag the question for review and get back to it once you are done with all the questions of that particular section.
  • Do not waste too much time on one question. Since, for that question for which you are not able to reach to a solution,you may miss out a much easier question which in the end.
  • Since NMAT does not have any negative marking, you must attempt all the questions. It’s okay to mark anything and come for the answers which you are not getting. You never know how your luck may play on you.
  • Do not panic. Initially you may feel bit nervous, but you really need to relax. It will help you give your best performance that way.
  • Last but not the least, make the most of those initial 15 minutes allotted to you before the questions appear on the screen. A notepad with a marker will be provided to you using which, you can note down the formulae and keep. This way you will not waste time in between thinking about the formula.

Study material to be used

Mainly, be thorough with your basics and then just follow “NMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE” which NMIMS releases each year. This is for the test takers to get well acquainted with the type of questions asked and the level of NMAT. Stick to that. Read the book from start till the end(do not skip any question). Couple of questions are asked from the book directly or with maybe a few changes in numbers.

Once you are done with this, then you can refer to books of the listed authors-

  • RS Agarwal for Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
  • Arun Sharma & Sarvesh Verma for Quantitative Aptitude

Study plan

Firstly, be well read with the exam pattern . Know the syllabus and the important chapters.

You can easily get the minimum score to clear NMAT with 2 months of preparation.

All you have to do is to religiously follow the plan which has been stated below-

  1. On the first day of your 2 months period commencement, list down all the chapters of all subjects. Initially you will be expected to do hard work.
  2. Do the bigger chapters first, like averages, percentages, permutations and Combinations, to name a few.
  3. Each day make sure you devote about 2 hours for quants. Total 3 hrs of study is required in a day. In the remaining 1 hr, practice 1 RC and 1 DI set.
  4. Follow the same schedule for the next 20 days.
  5. Then start with the official guide. Finish the guide in 25 days.
  6. You are now left with 15days in hand. All these 15 days are for your mocks.
  7. Give mocks sincerely. Keep time limit for each mock and solve it as per the time. With every mock that you give, you will notice your speed being increased.
  8. Now, you are in a very good position to hit the NMAT at the right chord.

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