Strategy for NMAT

Strategy for NMAT

NMAT is comparatively much easier than the CAT. However, in no way does that justify any lack of preparation from your side. Following are some tips to help you prepare well for your attempts:

1)      Speed: Most of the MBA exams require a good balance of speed and accuracy to crack it. Now, NMAT emphasizes speed more than accuracy. With 120 questions to be solved in 120 mins, the importance of speed cannot be undermined. Make sure to keep increasing your speed, while preparing for NMAT. To do this, set a timer while solving questions. It’ll give you a fair idea of the time taken to solve each type of question. You can then gauge and improve your speed respectively.

2)      Mocks: Before every attempt of NMAT, you should give at least 4 mocks. But don’t give mock exams blindly. Prepare a strategy before attempting the mock. Later, introspect on whether the strategy worked for you. This is an important part of analyzing your mocks. You have to keep analyzing and refining your strategies constantly. This will help you be at your best for the day of the exam.


This article gives NMAT Strategy to crack NMAT

Remember, you will know when you have adopted the right strategy, once you know the following things:-

–          What to Attempt

–          When to Attempt

–          How to Attempt

3)      Language Skills: This section isn’t inferential, and is more direct in its questions. So, keep increasing your vocabulary. NMAT asks direct vocab-based questions. Therefore, learning and revising new words on a daily basis is a must. For this, Norman Lewis is your best option.

Read a lot of books and editorial sections of newspapers. Reading will help you in Comprehension and in the GD-PI rounds as well.

4)      Quantitative Skills: While preparing for quant, make sure that all your concepts are clear. Do not proceed to tackle advanced questions before you are crystal-clear with the basics and concepts of each topic. Remember, speed is key. So make sure that you can solve all the basic and moderate questions quickly and efficiently first. Also, keep increasing the speed of your mental calculations. This will help you to zip through all the basic questions with blazing speeds. NMAT usually tends to focus on Arithmetic, Modern Maths, Algebra & Geometry. For the ones who have been preparing for CAT as well, your quant preparation will be mostly taken care of, and you will have to just focus on your speed.

5)      DI & LR: Questions in Data Interpretation are usually calculation-heavy, but pretty straightforward at the same time.

Logical Reasoning will test you on two main areas: Verbal and Analytical. Analytical Reasoning questions will consume less time as compared to Verbal. So keep that in mind while preparing.

6)      Smart Work: When practising, don’t get bogged down by too many complex or unfamiliar questions. Work on the favourite questions asked and also on the different types of questions. Once you are done with this, start preparing shortcuts and tricks for the same.

Practice all the advanced and complex questions only when you have ample time on your hands.

NMAT doesn’t test your ability to solve the toughest questions. It only tests your ability to maximize your score in the given time.

7)      Revise: In the last few days before your attempt, you should focus on revising whatever you have learnt. This will ensure that you do not waste time in the exam, trying to recollect everything.

Keep the above tips in mind while preparing for NMAT.

All the best!!

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