NMAT 2017: Strategy post First Window Results

NMAT 2017: Strategy post First Window Results

Hey All,

With the window 1 results out, let’s rev up our prep strategy to meet the Targets in the second attempt.

Refer the table below while planning your preparation for the next attempt:

Quantitative Ability

Expected Cut-off: 72-75

How to boost your scores:

1)      High focus on Arithmetic and Modern Maths. ( .i.e. Probability, Permutation Combination and Set Theory )

2)      Ensure that you complete the Basic Books / NMAT Official Guide and the Advanced Books.

3)      Leave DI questions for the end as they are time consuming and lengthy.


 Logical Reasoning

Expected Cut-off: 64-68

How to boost your scores

1)      Do not ignore Input-Output Questions.

2)      Practice Verbal Reasoning – Critical reasoning; you can practice the same from GMAT Official Guide.

Books to Refer: Basic Reasoning / NMAT Official Guide / R S Agarrwal non-verbal reasoning


Verbal  Ability

Expected Cut-off: 50-55

How to boost your scores

  1. Focus on Time Management : check out the verbal RC Videos
  2. Practice more RCs, para-jumbles and boost your vocabulary

Books to refer: Basic and Advanced Books, NMAT Official guides and GMAT Official guide

Here’s the most sorted verbal prep plan: http://catking.in/product/verbal-maximizer-to-maximize-your-score/



15 Days Plan of Action:

  • Spend 1 hour daily on NMAT- Time-Monitored Study ( practice questions with 60 seconds or move on approach )
  • Give at least 5 -10 mocks and analyze them well.


For more on how to analyze mocks, refer the links given below

Stay Glued on to the NMAT sprint online quiz daily on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/catkingandheri/

Check out the strategic approach to your preparation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS3XkEfmzY0






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