All you need to know about Personal Interview – MICA

All you need to know about Personal Interview – MICA

After you complete your GE round, you are called for your personal internship. In the room its you with the panel list. The process usually takes from 20 mins to an hour. But mostly depends on the panellist and the way you answer.

Things to remember while preparing for the interview-

1) Have a through of all the applications of your undergraduate stream and how can it be connected to MBA.

2) Are you fit for an MBA?

You need to relate your graduate stream and MBA .And explain why you are an perfect candidate for MBA especially at MICA.

3) Have an overview of all the cultures of India and learn about the different traditions and customs. It’s important to know details about the land you coming from.

4) You would asked about work experience (if you have any).

Like what did you learn and how has it helped you?

5) In the PI, you may be asked to justify the decisions you have made regarding your academics or your career.

6) Depending on your interest, the panellists may ask questions about the Marketing and Advertising Industry. So it helps to be abreast with the latest developments in these fields.

7) Be true to yourself-MICA values you for difference that you bring ,the ideas that you spin,and new outlooks with which you can see the world to reshape it. Be yourself is the final key to crack the entire admission process at MICA because in the end, it is your vision and the passion that will set you apart from the most.

The PI in MICA does not attempt to ‘grill’ the candidate. They try to ensure that you are the right fit for MICA.

Bring out the MICA Passion and gear up for the most unique Group Excercise and Interview process!

Half the battle is won with clearing the psychometric and getting good scores above 50

Now let’s win the war to make it to MICA.  Get mentored by MICANS and Experts

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