NMAT CD/PI – Tips (Session I)

NMAT CD/PI – Tips (Session I)

Hello my friends, as the days to take the NMAT exam are coming to a closure, the heartbeats of each one of you must be fast, awaiting the results, wondering whether you will receive a call or not. However, few of my readers would have scored exceptionally well to ensure them a CD PI call, however the journey is not over my friends. This article is for each and every one of you who aim to attend and crack the CD & PI rounds at NMIMS with sound preparation and full confidence.

Let’s start with some basic points:

TIP 1: During the Case Discussion read the case properly, I know everyone tells you that but trust me despite of knowing it, we fail to practice it. Keep in mind all the facts mentioned in the case, and then debate on the key points. (I even despite of knowing all this made a mistake of not paying close attention to the details, and soon realised my mistake during the discussion. Then at that time I acted as a moderator and brought the group’s focus on our aim of reaching a conclusion and succeeded pretty well).

TIP 2: Listen carefully to what others are saying, maintain eye contact with the group never the panellist, show the group you are interested in what they are talking. Now how does this helps you, firstly it leaves an impression on the invigilator that you are a patient listener, a fine quality in a manager, secondly you can use the points to counter or carry forward the discussion depending on the situation and thus build your argument effectively and efficiently.

Hope it was helpful!!

That’s all folks!!!!!

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