NMAT GDPI Experiance

NMAT GDPI Experiance


  • Workers had quit the job after they had to do overtime and night shifts. HR department and Operations department want to get them back. Suggest the measures to deal with situation.
  • An Indian entrepreneur exports textile to US and US meltdown lead to losses for him. He and his family committed suicide, whom to blame?

  • A boy is dying. You want his kidney for your own son. The dying guy is willing to donate it for free, but his family is notilling to give it. You are an entrepreneur. How will you deal with this situation?
  • Come out with consensus on top 10 toughest jobs out of 20 difficult jobs given (Coal miner, Electrician etc.)
  • Excerpts From Interview 1: (A B.Tech. CSE pass out student with 10th -94%, 12th– 90% and graduation-83% and 18 months of work experience with a reputed Information Technology company). Introduce yourself. What was your job profile? How do you manage your work? (System Integrator) What did you learned at your work? What are your weaknesses and do you plan to overcome these? Who is the chairman of the planning commission of India? What is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2: (A B.Tech. CSE student with 205 NMAT score and having 10th -85%, 12th- 60.4% and B.Tech.- 72.4% , 6 years of work-experience with an NGO and interest in stock market). Why you started working with NGO? Why do you want to come back and do MBA? What is the difference between a share and a bond? How does a company price a bond? What would you give more importance to Job or Organization? Tell us in one line why are you coming back from the spiritual world to do MBA?
  • Excerpts From Interview 3: (A 98.6 NMAT percentiler from Kashmir with 10th -87.2%, 12th-81.5% and B.Tech. in Industrial engineering -67.1%). Introduce yourself. What are the modifications railways is planning to do? Do you think those modifications are enough? Name the company involved in chopper deal? What is the recent happening in that case? What is your job profile? Who are your clients? Why did you switch to IT after doing Industrial Engineering?

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  • Excerpts From Interview 4: (A 211 NMAT scorer with 10th -94.5%, 12th-92.6% and B.Tech. in ECE – 9.42 CGPA). Why you want to get into Narsee Monjee? Why MBA? Why don’t you join research with such a good marks? When did you realize you wanted to do MBA? What did you do in college events? What did you learn from your college activities? What has been the biggest challenge you faced in your life so far?

GD-PI Experience shared by a student.He scored 213 and converted the call.

Post NMAT when you get a call you have to send a list of documents to NMIMS Mumbai within a deadline. (They also accept it by hand when you reach there for CD-PI).

So part 1->

They ask for a SOP.

It’s a standard SOP which should include why MBA why NMIMS and why you.

Make a story of your past experiences which have built you to this point where you feel NMIMS is the best option for you.

part 2->

Submission of documents.

part 3-> reach mumbai for CD-PI process.

part 4-> Dress well. Wear a blazer and a tie.

part 5-> CD – Case discussion process. The group is generally of 10 people and the topic is detailed. Not a 2-3 line topic but a case on which you need to discuss specified points.

Now this discussion mostly turns into an Arnab’s newshour debate. Everybody shouts.

You won’t get a chance to speak if you don’t cross others. But here is the catch. There are 2-3 panelists who will silently monitor you. Don’t shout or interrupt others if you are not getting a chance to speak. Try to get in 2-3 good points and that should see you through. Try to manage the chaos and allow the silent ones to speak. Don’t break the rules of a GD. That’s important.

part 6-> PI – Personal Interview – usually a panel of 3 interviewers

If you have work ex be thorough with it. Know what you do what you want to do post MBA. Be calm and confident because they will ask you tricky questions and stress you a bit. Make sure you know what kind of industry you want to enter after MBA @ NMIMS and check on the last year placement stats. If they ask you questions which seem harassing or derogatory, don’t lose your cool. They are testing your composure.

Know the current affairs to be on the safer side.

Other basic questions, Why MBA? Why NMIMS? Why Marketing? What is marketing all about?

part 7-> If you convert the call be ready with 8lacs, you’ll have to personally go and deposit the first year fees at their campus.

So the process is not tough. They assess your personality and your clarity.

Some points to Remember-

1) Only an excellent score in NMAT is not sufficient to convert.

2) Overconfident candidates, strong very high scores, have failed to convert in the past years.

3) There is 1 out of 2.2 conversion rate, so chances of converting are quite high (provided you do well in the CDPI process). as compared to other B Schools., with number of seats in Core are 540 and HRM are 60

4) There is a 30% reservation for girls in NMIMS.

5) There are 2 rounds : Case Discussion and Personal Interview. Separate CD and PI are held for both Core and HRM.

6) If you have a low score which is just near the cutoff, you would have to ace both the rounds to get through.

7) If you have a very high score, you have to make sure that you don’t mess up either of the 2 rounds.

All the Best-Catking Team.



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