IIM Lucknow Interview Experiences.

IIM Lucknow Interview Experiences.

IIM Lucknow Cutoff: The Indian Institute of Management Lucknow cutoff for the General category candidates is 90 percentile. The CAT cutoff for IIM Lucknow has remained more or less constant for the past few years. Let us take a look at the detailed analysis of the IIM Lucknow cutoff .
IIM Lucknow Cutoff 2017-19

Category            QA     DI & LR    VARC      Overall Percentile
General               85          85            85                       90
NC-OBC              77          77            77                        82
SC                         55          55            55                       70
ST                         50         50            50                      65
PWD/DA            55          55            55                       70

After clearing the cutoff the next step is to be preparing for GDPI most important and tough. The process of selection at IIM L consists of an Essay writing, Group Discussion (on the essay topic) followed by Personal Interview.

steps for iiml

First step:- Essay Writing
Average Duration: 15 min.
No. of Panelists: 2
No. of Participants: 13

Some actual topics of Essay writing:

1. The bad news in time flies the good news & you are the pilot!
2. Intuition is the loss of scientific Knowledge.
3. Glory is transitory but obscurity is forever.
4. There have been discussions to abolish the death penalty. What are the pros and cons of abolishing capital punishment?
5. A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live
6. All exact sciences are dominated by the idea of approximation

Second step:- Group Discussion

Average Duration: 15 -20 minus.
No. of Panelists: 2
No. of Participants: 13
Same as Essay Writing topic

Last step: – Personal Interview


Average Duration: 15 mins.
No. of Panelists: 3

In personal interview questions are generally asked about self, work, general knowledge, hobbies and interest based questions etc.

Some sample of questions asked in past interview
1. So, walk me through your background.
2. why do you want to do an MBA now?
3. Which is your favorite book? Detailed inquiries about the book?
4. Do you know Demand-Supply Law in Economics? Explain.
5. Have you read the latest budget? What are key highlights of the budget? Profs may take one highlight and ask you to explain the benefits of it.
6. Why has the Indian IT Industry grown significantly in the past decade? What factors have contributed to it?
7. How do you think the company that you are in doing? Are you aware how it is doing financially?
8. If you were to recommend changes to your current company as a consultant, what would they be and why?


Real interview experience:-

Lucknow had also very generously provided a fact sheet to brush up recent events in India and globally, which I went through diligently. So I was somewhat more confident on D-day. Visited Taj Bengal for the first time in more than 10 years. The panel consisted of a lady (L), and an older gentleman (G).
The moment I took my seat,
L: So Sambit you are into theater! What kind of plays do you do?
Me: (Aha! Area of strength!) I have done most of my acting in Bengali. In college we generally re-enacted existing plays by the likes of Badal Sarkar, Bratya Basu, Utpal Dutta etc. In Jamshedpur, we tried to put a little more of our creativity into the plays. We took some well-known stories of Tagore and others, and put in some original chunks to concatenate them, and presented them as a common theme.
L: No I mean what have the themes of your plays been?
Me: We have done everything from comedies, tragedies, political satire, to mythology.
G: (cutting in) So being in the theatre circuit and all, what are your views on the debate going on about Freedom of Speech?
Me: (Thank god for Google News) Sir I feel that whatever JNU students have said are definitely objectionable, however morality and legality cannot be considered to be the same. It was wrong to have taken legal action against the students.
G: (Slightly agitated) What are you saying! Have you seen the video where he is saying all that anti-national stuff?
Me: Yes, but…
L: (to G) Oh that video was doctored. It was a ploy of the politicians or the media.
G: (to L) But how is it possible to edit a video so convincingly?
L: They will do anything to create an issue.
G: But they also had banners and signs saying the same thing.
Me sitting in awkward silence while the two panelists continue debating among themselves about the issue. Finally,
L: So Sambit your final views on the matter?
Me:(Remembering a quote but not who it was from) Ma’am all I would like to say is that I do not agree with what the students have said, but I will defend their right to be able to say it.
L and G both look pleased




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