10 Tips to Crack SNAP

10 Tips to Crack SNAP


SNAP is a national level management entrance exam conducted by Symbiosis International University Pune to conduct admission to the management programs offered at all affiliated institutes. The overall level of difficulty of the exam is comparatively high. Accordingly, measures need to be taken to crack it.


1) Like every other exam, SNAP can be divided into three parts: practice intensive, concept driven and environment sensitive. Plan accordingly.

2) Revise your elementary mathematics for quantitative ability and data interpretation. After you’ve developed a certain level of comfort with numbers, practice with tables, squares, cubes and decimal-fraction conversions.

3) For verbal ability, read multiple books and newspapers; the best way to develop a command over the language; for exam purposes as well as life.

4) One of the best ways to increase your vocabulary is to refer to a dictionary and learn around 20-30 new words everyday.Know more about how to enhance your vocabulary. Start with a small number and gradually get it to 20-30. This is the only time in your life when you can devote time to developing your vocabulary which becomes an integral part of your personal as well as professional life later.

5) SNAP GK section is a make or break section. It’s extremely essential to be up to date with the current affairs. In 2016, SNAP only focussed on last two year’s current affairs. With such a narrow range, it’s very easy to score 90% in the GK section.

6) It is a test of time management and prioritisation, the same needs to be ensured both while preparation as well as execution, i.e the final test. In terms of allotting time to various sections, each question as well as playing on your strengths and diminishing weaknesses.

7) While giving the exam, it is really important to read the question carefully because the examiner likes to confuse and trap the candidate. So you should understand the question well to know what is being asked for.

8) Another major factor is your biological clock. You need to time it to ensure excellence. Be prepared for the duration of the exam, practice at exam hours. Gives you one more reason to take mock tests.

9) What works for most people is the method of elimination. You need to eliminate two options that are not related to the question or don’t make sense in themselves. Post that, selecting one option out of the two gets manageable even if you’re not sure.

10) Shortcuts are the key to comparative success. Have shortcuts to memorise things, to relate and to solve.

11) Before (and after) everything else, remember to not lose cool. Stay confident and stay relaxed, it is a test of your efficiency and an individual loses the aforementioned when he/she is stressed or anxious.

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