10 Tips to Crack NMAT Examination

Tips to crack NMAT

10 Tips to Crack NMAT Examination

NMAT is the first step of getting admitted to any MBA Full-Time course at NMIMS Mumbai (and PGDM courses at NMIMS Hyderabad as well as Bengaluru). There are other schools that accept the NMAT score for admission to their respective courses. It’s difficult to get into a premier B-school, but like anything else, it is not impossible.

1) You can take NMAT up to a maximum of 3 times: (first attempt plus 2 retake attempts) including no show. But you need to keep a gap of at least 15 days between two successive attempts.

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2) Since it’s a test of efficiency, in order to ensure concept clarity on fundamental formulae and number operations, begin with basics such as LCM and HCF, odd and even, prime numbers. Once this is done, move to advanced concepts.

3) Sharpen your mental calculation ability. Get familiar with multiplication tables, squares, cubes, common fractions and their percentage equivalents.

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4) For Logical Reasoning, practice is your only way out. You cannot develop a skill for it overnight.

5) Coming to the section that is not the majority’s favorite: language skills. To increase efficiency in this, you need to increase your comprehension skills for which you need to acknowledge and appreciate the contextual usage of words. One of the best ways to do this is by reading editorials (of newspapers) regularly.

6) Prepare a word list that contains words that you learn every day along with synonyms, antonyms, and analogies that are common for major tests.

7) It becomes imperative for you to practice via mocks, both overall and sectional to excel in the test. Time management and prioritization are two integral capabilities that come handy in any entrance exam.

8) While giving the test, the first section to be attempted should either be a section which tests your strengths, or a section which does not demand too much concentration as compared to others. Playing by your strengths gives you a confident start that helps in the successful gradual advancement in the test.

9) Since there is no negative marking in the test, the best way to maximize your score would be to attempt what you know first and then make an assumption and mark the rest in whatever time is left. It is not advisable to leave any question unanswered/unmarked.

10) The test is created to test your management skills, hence act as a manager when you sit for it. Prepare well by practicing, manage time among questions of a section and do not let ego overpower your rational while allotting time to each question.

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