10 Tips to Crack CAT 2017

10 Tips to Crack CAT 2017

It gets really difficult when you’ve got loads to do and no one to speak to. When monotony of quantitative gets to your head before the hot coffee bought over the shelf, we come in and help you by identifying key things that could be done to get rid of the phobia, which is the primary step to clear any barrier in your way to success.

So here are the ten things that we recommend to Crack CAT 2017:

1. First and Foremost, take a deep breath and calm down. Things always fall in place so there is no point of getting nervous and breaking down with stress. You cannot clear the exam if you are hyper till the last moment.

2. Secondly, paint the bigger picture before you attempt the minute exam that seems like a huge obstacle as well as stepping stone in your journey right now. It’s important to foresee your future to bring the diligence that is usually required in the corporate sector, most aspired at the moment.

3. Rejuvenation and Recreation should form an essential part of the routine, not just while giving a management entrance but as your daily routine. Plus it is essential to eat healthy to keep up, and to keep well along with being fresh all day long, since long hours of study do become strenuous.

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4. Coming to CAT specific To Dos; make sure that your shortcuts are in place. Even though it is a conceptual exam where your core fundamentals are tested, shortcuts help you solve problems with greater speed and accuracy. For which students are required to take regular mock test and practice it well to excel in CAT 2017.

5. Changes, if at all, need to be known and practiced to succeed in. The last change of not being able to switch from one section to another section allowed a candidate to not get diverted and also gave equal time to everyone.

6. Following which comes the pattern. It is absolutely important to practice and give continuous mocks to ace the exam. Because to understand and be comfortable with the pattern is what is going to get speed and accuracy that is needed along with concepts.

7. Once you’ve taken the mock exam, do not forget to analyze the results because that is where you learn from, and this is what makes your score better gradually.

8. Time Management; though we want to mention it first, it comes along at any point of your preparation. It is very important to stick to the schedule and in the first place, make a time schedule that you can adhere to, because you have to.

9. After time’s managed well, it becomes equally important to find your strengths as well as weaknesses. Strengths have to be played upon and weaknesses need to be harnessed into the strengths that can be used in the aforementioned manner.

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10. It’s good to be motivated, it’s better to be moved by inspirational stories, but it’s equally harmful when these stories get to your head. So avoid day dreaming along with disappointment; stay focused, stay bright.


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