Six Rumors about the GRE

Six Rumors about the GRE

You’ve heard ’em — the horror stories about the GRE. Rumors abound, growing wilder with each telling. As test-prep tutors,we get calls all the time from students trying to check out the latest scuttlebutt. Here are six stories that make the rounds every year — they’re as dependable as oversleeping the morning of your most important final Know how to shine through a low GPA!

Missing the First Few Questions Gives You an Easier Test and a Better Score.

Right and Wrong! The first five questions do indeed determine the difficulty level of the whole exam. If you get the first question right, the difficulty level of the next question increases. It actually leads you to get a better score as getting successive easier questions is a remark of lower scores. Therefore, the first few questions are that “first impression” the computer gets about you. You might never get another chance to make a pleasant first impression  What makes a good GRE Score?

The GRE Has a Passing Score

You can’t pass or fail the GRE, but a particular graduate school may have a cutoff score that you must obtain in order to be considered for admission. Find out what the acceptable GRE score range is at each of the schools you’re considering.

Your Score Won’t Improve if You. Keep Retaking the GRE

Although having your score jump hundreds of points is uncommon, it has happened. Your improvement depends on the reason your score was low in the first place and on how much you study before retaking the exam. Although having your score jump hundreds of points is uncommon, it has happened. Your improvement depends on the reason your score was low in the first place and on how much you study before retaking the exam. If your score was low because you didn’t understand the format of the exam (for example, you looked at a Quantitative Comparison question and wondered where the answer choices were), you can certainly improve that score by taking a few practice exams and becoming more comfortable with the question styles. The study time you put into preparing for the second exam is also important. If you take the exam, receive your scores, register for another exam, and then begin studying again just a few days before the second exam, you may as well forget it. Although the experience that you have gained will help, your score will not improve by bounds simply because you’ve done this before. You have to study for the second test — or else you’ll repeat the mistakes of the first.

The GRE Tests IQ

Nope, the GRE doesn’t test IQ. It supposedly tests your ability to do well in graduate school, but some cynics say that all the GRE tests is your ability to take the GRE. Getting into a debate over that point is rather futile; you’re stuck with taking the GRE and worrying about it just wastes brainpower you can use for other activities. But be reassured that the GRE isn’t an IQ test. You can figure out how to improve your GRE score with all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques
— that’s much harder to do on IQ tests. Tips to keep in mind for GRE prep!

You Can Take the GRE on Your Own Computer at Home

Oh sure, sure. You can take the test at home — with your computer, your dictionary,your reference books, and your cousin Morty the Math Genius all standing by, ready to help you! We’d even be glad to come by and stand at your shoulder, pointing out all the traps. Sorry. You can’t take the GRE anywhere but at a recognized testing center. You Can Bring Your Own Laptop to the Testing Center Wouldn’t bringing your laptop be nice? You could load all sorts of programs into it, such
as math formulas and algorithms or pages and pages of vocabulary. Taking the GRE would be a snap in that case. Unfortunately, the GRE people are way ahead of you on this one. Not only do you have to take the exam at a special testing center but you also have to take it on the center’s computers. The only thing you supply is the brainpower.

Computer Geniuses Have an Unfair Advantage on the GRE

Computer geniuses have an unfair advantage over everyone in this high-tech age, so why should the GRE be any different? Now that that’s out of our system, it’s reality-check time. Sure, students who are very comfortable with a computer may have a little advantage because they have one less stress factor going into the test, but the advantage ends there. The computer skills required for taking the GRE are so minimal that they’re almost irrelevant To be a genius know how to memorize Vocabulary words.

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