Things no one will tell you before taking MBA

Things no one will tell you before taking MBA

You all might be gearing up for joining MBA and paving your way to success. You might have a picture of all the good times ahead. But none will tell you the “not-so -rosy” picture of the same and here I will spill the beans for you

So here are my top 5….

1.You are going to compete with brightest minds of the country who wants to excel themselves in whatever they venture. Yes, there might be a few exceptions, but majority crowd is very focused and are ready to go extra miles to create an identity among the lot. So, you have to sharpen your axes, stay focused and work really really hard to excel among the lot.

2.Nobody mentions about how time constrained and money constrained you will be during your MBA. With hell lot of assignments, case-studies and presentations piling up one after another, you may find it hard to manage time and for most people, peaceful sleep becomes a distant dream

3. For people who joins MBA after work-ex, it is often frustrating and tensed scenario in B-school as they have left their well-paying jobs for joining MBA. Often, they get blown away by the fact that their Non-MBA friends are really doing great in their work places with their kick-ass work experience

4.The expectations on you have become SO SO high suddenly-from family, friends, distant relatives, classmates and mostly from Yourself. You are expected to DO amazing stuff and KNOW valid and credible information about anything and everything under sun.

5.And most importantly, most people might not have a clear idea why they have left their jobs/ have plunged the MBA dive. Even if they have a fair idea, they wouldn’t be sure about the path they are going to thread and how that may help in their career goals.

Nevertheless Guys. be assured that you are signing up for an amazing saga of learning experience. The way you look at life, career, relationships etc. is going to evolve and will surely help you guys to make a difference. So, gear up yourself to take the MBA dive

All the best !!


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