GMAT Mocks taking Strategy

GMAT Mocks taking Strategy

It is believed that mocks are mimic of the actual test as they are similar in the pattern and presentation but to be honest, the mock tests never mimic the actual test. The actual exam is unpredictable but mocks help you in preparing for that unpredictability.
Let’s answer this questions first: “Why do we take mocks?” We give mocks to:
(a) Build our mental stamina: This is the key for getting a better score in GMAT. We can build up mental stamina with training, just like physical strength. It helps in improving our focus and attention span.

(b) Strategies on the timing: Almost all the problems that are given on the GMAT are not that hard. What makes it hard to solve them is that you have less than 2 minutes per problem regardless of the kind and difficulty level. However, we can give ourselves an advantage by preparing and saving or investing time where appropriate.
(c) Do a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis of our preparation:
(d) Indicate our final GMAT score.
The fourth reason is precarious. I have seen people who have consistently scored above 750 in mocks screw up when the heat is on and people scoring 650 in mocks, chalking up 700 in the actual exam.
Mocks test you on what you have learned and help you in practicing the timing strategies and building up stamina as mentioned earlier. While a simulation exam will not give you your exact score, it can give an idea of how you might score. By the time you take your mock exams, you should know the material. Ideally, mock exams should be taken after having reached at least the halfway mark into your GMAT prep schedule. Certainly be sure to take the first one no later than about two weeks before the real test.
Once you begin adding mock exams to your studying regime, you should plan to take one every two to three days. Plan to take five mock exams to thoroughly prepare yourself. These tests should be taken in real time and in test-like conditions. Try not to take too many sim exams as you may burn out. And remember, no mock tests the day before your actual exam! The day before your exam, do some light studying and try to relax and get full night’s sleep.

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