Boom of emerging courses in MBA

Boom of emerging courses in MBA

  1. Social entrepreneurship:

It is a postgraduate business study program.  This program aims to build sector professionals who aspire to competitive and complex situations. The MBA in Social Entrepreneurship teaches students to develop strategic skills to deal with public needs with a combination of entrepreneurial practises and social aims through non-profit, for-profit or governmental sectors. Students are taught how to apply entrepreurship skills to social enterprise so that their decision results in the collective good. Societies are searching for convenient ways to provide socially important products in education, health, social and environmental development. This calls for the need of such professionals who can manage this social enterprise with a philanthropic attitude and entrepreneurship skills. This program is offered in NMIMS School of Business Management amongst the top colleges.

  1. Fashion design:

Fashion is a constantly-changing and important aspect of major international brands. But with the growth of online shopping and its increasing demand, the fashion industry has also expanded. This has led to the concept of fashion management in India. MBA in Fashion Management is two-year postgraduate course which includes concepts such as Business Research, Fashion Illustration, Product Design, Fashion Retailing, Marketing, Apparel Manufacturing and Control, Fashion Entrepreneurship, Fashion Supply Chain Management etc. Professionals with MBA in Fashion Design can work as Product Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Fashion Promotion Manager, Visual Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Designer etc. This program is offered in Indian Institute of Fashion and Design-Chandigarh, Indian Institute of Fashion Technology- Bengaluru, Hassan, Bijapur and Belgaum  amongst the top colleges.

  1. Business analytics:

This program involves processes which convert data into knowledge and ideas through which business decisions are taken. MBA in Business Analytics helps acquire knowledge and proficiency in various analytical tools and use them to collect and understand data for business decisions. This concept majorly uses statistical and quantitative analysis, performance management, metrics, predictive modeling etc. It involves important topics such as data analytics, spreadsheet modeling and analysis,  business analytics, statistics, applied business intelligence, legal aspe cts of business etc,

  1. Family business:

Today 67% of the global market belongs to the family business. Family managed businesses have their own set of challenges and problems which might be different in different types of businesses. However, it is necessary for the younger generation to be well-equipped and one step ahead of their previous generations to keep up with their family businesses. This has led to the demand of MBA in Family Business. This course teaches the students who are interested in continuing their family business and taking it to greater heights, the universal issues and problems of family businesses. Students learn to tackle complex situations and structures, business skills, innovative skills to be at par with the current market trends.  This course is offered in IIM Bangalore, SP Jain school of Global Management, SP Jain Institute Of Management and Research and NMIMS amongst the top colleges.

  1. Sports management:

A profession in sports is not just confined to athletes anymore. An MBA in Sports Management opens opportunities to many jobs under this domain. This MBA program focuses less on theory and more on practical as in it concentrates more on actual implementation of this theory. It also includes business fundamentals such as finance, operations, organization innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship.

  1. Public policy and management:

The MBA in Public policy and management aims to strengthen the public policy and managerial skills in the current day where the gap between the public and private sectors is increasing. Out of many people who have done this course have secured senior positions in different ministries of the government, the Railway Board, SEBI, TRAI and FMC, Planning Commissions, UN Bodies etc. They also have positions in state and central PSUs like GAIL, BSNL, BMTC and MAHDA, JN Port etc. The students are mostly civil servants and public officials of the government.

  1. Rural management:

The MBA in Rural management develops dedicated leaders with business fundamentals, management skills, ideas to tackle complex challenges faced by the organizations which work for the rural development of the country. It involves the understanding, planning, organizing, directing and controlling of co-operatives, incentives and agribusiness. It combines the concepts of business studies and rural development. As a part of the program, students are made to travel to rural areas, solve case studies and interact with rural people and address to their issues.






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