Time Strategy for NMAT

NMAT 2017

Time Strategy for NMAT

Time Strategy for NMAT 2017

As NMAT 2017 is hardly a month away, so here are some important tips for time management.

Choose Wisely

  • Start off with your stronger section. Attempt all those questions which you are extremely confident about. It will help you build up your confidence. Never select your weaker section first.
  • Try and attempt all the questions if possible. Even if you are not confident about an answer, make sure you attempt it. Given that there is no negative marking, it will hardly be to your disadvantage.
  • Attempt your weakest sections in the end.


  • NMAT stresses both on accuracy and speed, so it is important to use your time wisely. On average, you will have about ¾ minutes for each verbal question and about 1.25 minutes for each quantitative question. Once you start the test, an onscreen clock will continuously count the time you have left. It is a good idea to check the clock periodically to monitor your progress. But don’t go overboard with this, your main focus must be on the test.
  • While practicing for NMAT quants questions set up a timer and try to solve the questions in the lesser time frame. This helps you in building your speed and saving your time.
  • Ideal attempt in each section should be Quants 30 questions in 48 minutes Verbal 25 questions in 22 minutes Logic 35 questions in 40 minutes Total attempt 90 questions good enough to clear the cutoffs.

Do not spend too much time on any one question.

  • If you do not know the correct answer, or if the question is too time-consuming, These might be the hard questions which looks easy, so candidates tend to waste time on these. move on to the next question. Every NMAT paper has some easy questions which can fetch you brownie points, these shouldn’t be left.Quants 24/48 easy questionsVerbal 20/32 easy questionsLogic 25/40 sitters
  • Try and devote an equal amount of time to each of the sections. Although, people tend to focus on their stronger sections, make sure you don’t end up with one whole section with just 10–15 mins in hand which is more often the case with most students.

Use what you learnt from your Mocks.

  • It is said “learn from your mistakes” , it holds a lot of value in all the spheres of life. You must have taken a lot of Mock tests before the Final NMAT exam. Use the strategies you made after your mock result analysis. Avoid making the same mistakes and use your mock experiences to ace the exam at hand.
  • Try to solve as many mock test, online test, sample papers, previous year question papers you can manage. Spend at least 2-3 hours in solving problems related to all important topics.
  • Never put a habit of using calculators as this may decrease your speed in solving questions during your Mock/Practice test.
  • You should be giving at least 10 Mocks before your Final Exam.

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Shortcuts and formulae

  • Learn the short cut methods to solve the tricky questions.”There is no shortcut for shortcut. Practice is the Key”
  • Difficult or tricky questions can be solved with good mathematical aptitude. Try avoiding lengthy or complicated calculations.
  • To memorize all the formulas regularly, you should write them down on a piece of paper and stick it on a wall in your room.

Time Management

  • NMAT checks your time managing skills. Learn to manage your time properly. Don’t waste too much of time on one particular question. It is advisable to solve easy and medium level questions first as these questions can save some extra time for difficult level questions.
  • Try to solve the ones easy to you and which won’t take much time to attempt and do not ponder on them for long.
  • Try to save time for difficult questions as these require more time and concentration. One of the good strategies in practicing LR questions is presenting it in form of chats or pictures. Always try to use those facts and figures that are given in the questions. Avoid assuming.

Read all the questions carefully

  • Read all the questions carefully; make sure why a given option should be correct or incorrect. Read properly all the choices before answering the question. Always keep in mind the valid and invalid conclusions that can be drawn out from a given question. Words such as unless, all, only, some, other than and none should be given more importance as this helps in finding the conclusion easily.
  • The directions explain exactly what is required to answer each question type. If you read hastily, you may miss important instructions and lower your percentile. Also its important to read them carefully so that later you don’t waste your time wondering and Reviewing the directions.

Make your strategy

  •  Prepare a schedule, Learn to manage your time effectively while maintaining speed and accuracy in solving a given problem. prepare your practice and mock giving timetable.
  •  Do not keep important topics to be covered in the last moment. Last moment preparation always creates confusion. Spend at least 3–4 hours every day in practicing question based on reasoning. Practice will help you to develop the skills to solve a problem in an effective manner.


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