How did I prepare for NMAT by Nikhil Nerkar


How did I prepare for NMAT by Nikhil Nerkar

My mentor always said “MBA entrance exams are all about managing your resources well in the given time window! Key is to bank as many questions as you can on your areas of strength per section.”
To prepare for NMAT exam, I practised 15 mocks. Prepared a strategy before attempting the mock. Later, introspected on whether the strategy worked for me. This was an important part of analyzing mocks. I refined my strategies constantly. This helped me to be at my best for the day of the exam.
NMAT require a good balance of speed and accuracy to crack it. With 120 questions to be solved in 120 mins, the importance of speed cannot be undermined. I made sure to keep increasing my speed while preparing for NMAT.
The cutoff for NMIMS Mumbai for GDPI call is around 208–211, so tried to score at least around the cutoff score. There are sectional cutoffs as well for each section, hence it was very important to score well in all 3 sections.
I solved all questions before picking up on RCs. Synonyms and antonyms are really simple. Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy is The Bible here.
Quants & Data Interpretation:
In my opinion, since this section is for 60 minutes, split it into 2 sections of 30 minutes each. First 30 minutes, I solved as many Quant questions I could. I did not waste any time on lengthy and tough questions. The next 30 minutes were dedicated to Data Interpretation. Out of 4–5 sets of DI, 2-3 sets were easily doable. This sums up to solving 12–15 questions correctly.
Logical Reasoning:
LR is usually on the moderate difficulty level. Few sets were certainly tricky. Kept my calm, there were easy sets as well. The Assumptions, Statements and Conclusion questions took some time. I had a habit to read daily and analysed whatever I read. This helped me to increase the speed of solving such questions.

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