Nikhil Nerkar’s approach to prepare for NMIMS CDPI

NMAT Strategy

Nikhil Nerkar’s approach to prepare for NMIMS CDPI

I divided the preparation into two parts. First was about myself, knowing everything about myself from birth to date, we generally think we know it, but the story is more important than knowing your facts.
My GD/CD strategy was to not only choose your words wisely but also express myself properly in that limited amount of time.
  • It is important to make 4-5 entries in the span of 15 min with valuable points and never enter a fish market
  • I supported my answers with strong examples from current affairs or real-life experiences
  • It is very important to have an approach to crack a CD/GD with a right framework to have a holistic view of the case
  • In case of difficult or abstract topics, its always advised using PESTLE analysis
  • Used my page to note all good points by others, added on the similar lines, being a good listener always helps when I summarized

PI preparation was divided into below parts:

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  • Personal information: yourself, family, city, etc
  • Education: scores, favourite subjects, selection of specialization
  • Extracurricular, Academic Achievements, Co-Curricular Activities
  • Work experience and internships: learnings, job role, challenges faced,
  • Hobbies, Interest
  • Future plans (Why MBA, Specialization)
  • Current affairs and my opinion about them

For PI prep, it is important to have a book with every small detail about above-mentioned points. Practicing PI with different people increases confidence and quality of delivery of that answer.



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