Aishwarya Agarwal’s journey to NMIMS

NMAT Strategy

Aishwarya Agarwal’s journey to NMIMS

How did you prepare for NMAT?

I faced NMAT for the first time in 2015 in which I missed the cutoff by 5 marks. I converted it next year by learning from my past mistakes and hard work by scoring 219 in NMAT 2016. My key learnings which helped me crack NMAT :

  • Take mock test very seriously and even if you give them at home do ensure that you give it in a single seating.
  • Analyse: Post test analysis is very important since it gives you a chance to know your silly mistakes and hence you improve day by day
  • Speed and accuracy: NMAT is not like CAT where you can take a break to calm your mind. So you have to prepare yourself to stay attentive and productive in those120 min to attempt max number of questions. Many questions in LR and quant can be solved by substituting the options. You should not leave any question unmarked because believe me you don’t get enough time to come back to the same question again
  • Don’t miss on slot booking: Yes it matters. If you miss your chance of cracking NMAT in first window you have two more attempts to crack it atleast don’t miss on registering for retakes as it is painful to wait for one year.
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My preparation was based totally on giving a lot of mock tests as I was already preparing for CAT and had my conceptual clarity but my speed was low .Giving multiple mock tests from online(both free and paid) and offline helped me increase my speed gradually to level which was good enough to get a high NMAT score. For test taking strategies I watched CATKing Youtube videos for shortcut tips and tricks.

What was your approach to prepare for the NMIMS CDPI?

I did in depth study about my likes, dislikes, strengths weakness and  preparation of basic hygiene questions like why MBA etc. For CD preparation I prepared along with my study group of 7 people where we used to discuss relevant topics for CD daily at a fixed time of the day on Google hangouts.I also kept myself updated of current national and international news

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How was your interview experience – excerpts from that?

My CD topic was a case where as a manger each one had to put forward our views on the best way to implement a  training and its implementation within the allocated budget.

I was interviewed by three panelists who asked me questions related to my work experience and why did I leave a well-paid job and my R&D profile to come for MBA. They also asked about my hobbies and went in depth by asking multiple question on it. Two or three general knowledge questions were asked which I could luckily answer. The panel was patient and the interview went for 30-40 minutes.

Life @ NMIMS : Your perspective?

Life at NMIMS is full of deadlines, case study competition, group assignments, corporate seminars in which we get to meet and hear from industry leaders.I has a number of wonderful core committees and interest based cells to pursue your passion be it sports, dramatics, dance , photgraphy or public speaking– Toastmasters is one of them. The campus being located in Mumbai gives a lot of chance to plan for road trips and treks to nearby spots with friends. The exposure to industry is immense owing to strong industry academia interface which leads to a great learning experience for the students

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