How did Sheena Jain prepare for NMAT

NMAT 2017

How did Sheena Jain prepare for NMAT

I had been preparing for CAT and NMAT since 2015. My first attempt wasn’t that great due to me being all “I am too young to get serious” attitude. I watched my friends leave the country and they were all serious in life, that’s when the reality hit hard: I started to FOCUS.

2016 I tried to manage my office work along with my studies and believe me I found it very hectic. I wasn’t ready to give up on sleep but I had to!!

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ON a serious note, since I was preparing for CAT I was a bit comfortable with NMAT Quant and DI area. Verbal is easy but I had to also focus on one my weak areas: RC and Vocabulary. (Yes, Happens. Some people are weak in RCs). I used to practice RCs a lot!

Logical section had patterns, syllogisms, sequences, critical reasoning, puzzles, family tree, coding-decoding, assumptions, arguments etc. These are topics that we don’t see in CAT and a few days before NMAT and after CAT I started focussing on these topics. I had TIME material for a few of these question types and made good use of it.

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There was one thing left to do…Speed Test.

I took a mock test, the official ones provided by GMAC to analyse what I know and where I stand. I was pathetic. Worst speed, worst accuracy and bad score.

I decided to solve a lot of mock tests after that. I tried to take all the free mock tests available on each of the famous websites like: TestFunda, HitbullsEye, CATKing, TIME, CL, Old papers etc.

I spent good time on analysing why I went wrong and understood what I should do. I observed that my scores were becoming better and better. I learnt quite a lot of shortcuts to handle a range of questions.

This helped me tackle NMAT in merely one attempt in 2016.

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