Sheena Jain’s journey to NMIMS

NMAT 2017

Sheena Jain’s journey to NMIMS

The college where I gave my very first interview was my dream college. In 2015, I didn’t how NMIMS looked, who the alums were, what the facilities are, NOTHING; but still I hoped to be a student of this very college in 2016 when I gave my interview,

Some dreams do become true.

Yes, I am a student of SBM NMIMS and I am very proud of it. The following elucidates my journey till now.

Initial one month was a bit tough. I had a very laidback life in Bangalore and managing the sudden hustle bustle was a task, but it is always worth it. The efforts we put in, are always rewarded.

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The first week was an orientation one with A LOT of activities. You make a lot of friends here. (The hi friend, the annoying friend, the “I will never talk to you again” friend etc). I will keep this bit a surprise, but honestly, it is one of the best weeks here.

After this, the next few weeks went in managing classes and giving interviews for various committees and cells of the college. This was fun too.

Then some parties and events to get to know our peers and seniors. (Brilliant initiative by our seniors to help us mingle in during our uncomforting days)

Seniors are always very helpful. The student council assigns mentors to each student and the mentor put in a lot of efforts to make sure you are comfortable and giving your best. I really respect all my mentors.

Every day is hectic but every day is fun. Some teacher will give you attendance despite not being in class, but behold, the reverse too happens. Some assignments can never be completed and some groups can never finish projects, some watchmen won’t let you enter the college without ID and some companies you’ll never get placed in, but, everything is just somehow exciting. When I look back upon the 6 months that I’ve spent here I realise that I’ve come a long way and love each and every bit of it (well most of it)

I’ve met people from all parts of the country and it is just great to know them.

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NM canteen is one of its kind and NM Bhaidas Hall is like a huge theatre, only better! The prime location of the college is like an icing on top of the cake!

What keeps us busy?

Case studies, college events, competitions, guest sessions, speakers, and classes.

I am coming to a few negative aspects too. There is no campus life. Course is expensive and there a just a lot of students here.

But in the end, I’m in a happy place.

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Project :

Telecom sector
jio rage.


Industry exposure
location etc.
Life at NMIMS……

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