CAT 2017 Analysis

CAT 2017 Analysis

CAT, known to be the most important exam for MBA aspirants saw 2.3 Lakh registrations this year as well. There were no changes to the CAT exam structure in terms of the number of questions and time. What makes it interesting is to see the shift in focus of the sections in terms of the difficulty level. Every year we see the paper being made more and more non engineer friendly. Which is clearly reflected with the Quantitative Ability section being made relatively easier every passing year.

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As compared to always the slot 1 was towards the higher difficulty level as compared to the second one , Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was the most difficult and time consuming. The most significant twist was the over emphasis to Data interpretation with giving just 8 to 10 questions based on logical reasoningAs compared to always the slot 1 was towards the higher difficulty level as compared to the second one , Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was the most difficult and time consuming. The most significant twist was the over emphasis to Data interpretation with giving just 8 to 10 questions based on logical reasoning

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Negative marking existed for the Multiple choice questions; 1/3rd ie 0.33 negative marks. Type in The answer Questions didn’t have any negative marking similar to the CAT 2016. However this time the number of TITA questions was more this year especially in the quants section.

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Overall the exam was not very difficult, was manageable provided your concepts were clear. CAT has always been an ardent lover of concepts and logic than calculations, speed and time when compared to other competitive exams. To provide a brief summary of the same check out the image and for more indepth details you can visit or attend the live analysis tonight at 9pm.

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Sectional Analysis:

Overall Difficulty: Moderate

The overall summary of the exam, it was not a difficult exam.

Verbal – 4 to 5 RC s plus couple of questions from  Sentence Odd one out and Critical Reasoning

In both the slots the RCs were based on Technology, social sciences – history geography and humanities in the broader perspective. The Readining comprehension did not have in TITA questions, it was more aligned towards inference based questions like the central idea of the passage which were not too difficult.

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Odd One Out – 3 Questions

Parajumbles – 4 Questions (TITA)

Paragraph Summary – 3 Questions

The parajumbles were TITA so adequate practice would have ensured good results.

Overall Difficulty : Easy to Moderate:

Good Attempts: 25-28

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Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:

Logical Reasoning – Analytics puzzles only 8-10

DI – ( 8 sets ) – Caselets all of them

Reasoning: Data based Puzzles 8-10 Questions

Data Interpretation: Case Based 8 Sets

  • One Case with TITA type questions
  • One Bar Graph – Difficult
  • Caselets – focussed on reasoning and analytical mind

Overall Difficulty : Difficult

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Good Attempts: 15-18

The slot 2 Logical reasoning was easier than the slot 1 as it had basic seating arrangement puzzles and not too exhaustive Data Calculations. Infact it was on the lines of the CAT official mock released by IIM.

Quants ( Easy to Moderate )

16 to 17 questions were easy direct formula and concept application.

Geometry 4 to 5 questions
Arithmetic 12 to 14 questions
Number system 1 to 2 questions
Functions and graphs 2 to 3 questions
Progressions 1 to 2 questions
Permutation and Combination 2 to 3 questions

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Overall Difficulty : Easy to Moderate:

Good Attempts: 20-25

Overall Good Attempts: 75-80

Verbal being easy to moderate; high focus as expected on Reading Comprehension and Type in the Answer questions from parajumbles

LR/DI being moderate to difficult with no conventional DI questions. Data Interpretation over dominated with very few ie 8 to 10 questions of reasoning.

Quants was easy with direct formula application and concept based questions dominated by arithmetic and algebra than the usual geometry.

Keeping both slots in focus a 99%ile would be an Ideal Attempts 75+ with 90% accuracy so somewhere around 155 should bag a 99%ile and a 105 to get you 90%ile.

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And for the NON IIM Colleges:

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Expected Cut Off CAT 2017

Feedback from some of the students after the CAT 2017:

“The exam started on a good note as verbal was pretty easy, and that has been our strength thanks to Rahul Sir.. What was surprising was to see no conventional data interpretation and logical reasoning questions it was all case based. But the good part is the Quants was easy which for a non engineer like me is always been the barrier. Hoping to get good results and keeping my fingers crossed” – Disha Jaiswal

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“Compared to the last year, the Quants section was easier and the verbal was at par, the LR DI took us by surprise but for me the conceptual clarity was there a good 12 to 14 questions should help me sail through.” – Biswadeep Roy

“A not very tough paper, overall moderate with verbal coming only from 3 areas of RC, parajumbles and odd one out. The second slot DI thankfully was more doable with some familiar type of reasoning questions. Verbal was by far the best I would say. Let’s see how it goes for the rest and looking forward to good scores” – Aishwarya Pandey

Overall I would say the students who have been constantly following my strategies and approach would not have found the paper difficult as it was completely aligned to it. Looking to see good results and many enthusiastic guys ahead battling in the GDPI. “Success Awaits”

Would recommend all students to relax, chill and take a break you have worked real hard for the exam and done your best. Now let the karma play its role, party tonight and come back with a bang for the series of exams lined up ahead, one day one exam can never give an idea about one’s aptitude nor decide your career path. So stay glued and keep rocking the battle isn’t over yet!

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All the Best to all MBA Aspirants! Punch in your thoughts and concerns and we shall sort you up.



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