General Tips to Crack SAT

1. Use the process of elimination

All questions on the exam are multiple choice questions (except the essay of course),

hence using the process of eliminating option helps the student focus harder on the

relevant options and choose the correct option.

2. Understand what the question is asking for

Questions can be slightly tricky and could sometimes provide excess information to

confuse the students. Make sure you understand exactly what the question is asking

for and pick the answer accordingly.

3. Use official SAT material for practice

It is very important that you use official SAT guides and books for reference when

preparing for the exam. This is because the official guides are based on past SAT

tests and are the closest to what your exam may look like. At CATKing we provide

the students with official SAT material. This only makes your life easier as we have

compiled the most relevant material into a customized package for our students to

excel the exam.

4. Do as many practice tests as you can (minimum 4 recommended). Start following the

actual format and time yourself. Use the actual test rituals. Understand your

mistakes and try your best not to repeat them.

5. Start prepping for the exam approximately 3 months before attempting the actual


This is advised but may vary depending upon how good the student is at acquainting

himself/herself with the content and nailing the practice tests.

6. Do not over-exhaust yourself whilst preparing for the test. Make sure you are not

mentally SATurated

7. Prepare for the essay option too

Attempting the essay definitely gives the candidate a step ahead of the others who

have not bothered to attempt the essay. The essay topics are usually based on

discussions and assess the students’ knowledge of reading arguments and

reproducing the relevant ones.

8. Take it seriously – first, step toward college application process

Your entire college application process can largely depend on your SAT scores. Based

on these scores you can draw up your college list, set goals and dwell the career path

for your future.

9. Don’t be afraid to skip a question and come back to it later (especially for math).

Make sure you come back to it though.

10. Use your breaks wisely. Hydrate yourself and use the bathroom. Maybe have a small

snack to keep you going.

English Reading Tips to Crack SAT

reading tips 

1. Improve your vocabulary – read read read

2. Read the introduction to the passages

3. Pay special attention to italicized, bold and underlined text

4. Use the strategy that works best for you – either skim through the passage first and

then jump to questions; or read the questions first and then skim through the


5. Do not spend too much time reading the passage. If you feel stuck, read the

questions and then go back to the passage

English Writing Tips to Crack SAT

SAT Exam 

1. Pay attention to the “no error” option. It is very tempting to select that

2. Know the grammar rules

3. Be familiar with the types of question that typically appear in the SAT test

4. What may “sound” right, may not always be right

5. When speaking to friends and family, try to notice if they are making any

grammatical errors and think about how you would correct them according to SAT


Math Tips to Crack SAT

math tips 

1. Memorize the formulas and understand certain facts

2. Get basic laws and principles cleared

3. Try to back solve the problem to ensure every step makes sense. Make sure your

answer is within reasonable bounds wherever possible

4. Be able to perform basic calculations

5. Underline the important words in the question

How to Perform Well in SAT ?

The SAT exam not only tests your math and English skills, but it also tests your patience. The

more you attempt practice tests according to the actual test conditions, the easier it will be

for you to complete the exam on the final day.

There is no harm in attempting the SAT more than once. Most universities only accept the

best score. Feel free to reappear.

Even though the essay is optional, make it a point to attempt it. This is because you would

already have surpassed the competition from students who did not attempt the essay.

Ultimately it comes down to how much effort you put into acing the SAT. Be aware of your

mistakes and avoid them in the future. Don’t get intimidated by something surprising or

tricky on your actual test. If something like that shows up, approach it with a calm mind and

do your best to crack it.

Get some sound sleep before your actual SAT exam. Have a healthy and filling breakfast, as

it is a long test. Be confident because you would have (or at least should have) prepared and

practiced for 3 months before taking the actual SAT.

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