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How was your interview experience – excerpts from that

My interview was in the morning slot and I was very nervous, just like the other students praying to get into NMIMS. NM releases its shortlist way before other colleges and I was scared about losing this opportunity.

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The first round was a Case Discussion round. A lot of amazing points were put across by the students from different parts of the country. It helped me understand how people from different regions have different perspectives.

Personal Interview. Before my turn, there was one girl who was nervously walking up and down and that left me palpitating. I was called next and my panel consisted of 3 people: A middle aged woman, an aged lady and an aged sir. The aged lady hardly asked me anything and I realised she was just an observer. (Probably observing how stupid I was acting)
Interview started with first question: Tell me about yourself.

Now I was somehow prepared for this answer but yes, I did stammer. Focus well on this because this is what drives the entire interview.

They asked me why MBA? (My actual answer would be to change my Stream, but I had to put it across smartly)
As I answered this, I felt that I myself didn’t know what I was talking about.

She appreciated me for my marks in 10th, 12th and B.E. and for my consistency. (I didn’t know what to say, yes ma’am I’ve had a boring life throughout)

They asked me a bit about my work ex. Where I work? What does my company do? What was your role? What did you contribute to your company? I could answer these well.

The serious silent lady asked me (She talks also!), if I were to give you a water bottle what could you use it for, apart from its normal use. I thought for about 30 seconds and saw her holding a pen and my answer was “Pen Stand”. Her expression changed and I think she thought I was obviously stupid.

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I tried to still sound enthusiastic and supported my “Pen Stand” answer.

Next, a few technical questions were asked. They asked me which branch of MBA would you be interested in? Though I wasn’t too sure I ended up saying Information systems (I will be specializing in Marketing). The middle-aged lady asked me about new technology and buzzwords due to IT background. Cloud, Big data, Data mining, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence were some areas of about which questions were asked to me. Then I do not remember how but she asked me the difference between UPI and PayTm. I could answer this in a very simple way (I use UPI, so I could answer in my own unprofessional way)

She also asked me about my hobbies. I had mentioned travelling and she asked me about the places near Bangalore one can visit (excluding the cliché ones like Coorg, Ooty, etc). I had gone for trekking and road trips to certain places, so I could answer this as well.

Overall, I would give my performance a 6/10 and would like to admit that I thought I had no choice of getting into this prestigious college.

I guess, Luck favoured.

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NMAT Maximizer

What was Sheena Jain’s approach to prepare for the NMIMS CDPI?

Honestly this was my first ever shortlist in the year 2016. I know about 75% student go for coaching: they learn the etiquettes required to deal with this round and how and when to enter a CD/GD

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I didn’t expect a shortlist. So, this came as a shocker!

What did I do? I had a few senior friends who sort of helped me with CD, told me what and how to approach a case. This helped me improve or at least sound good and reasonable. I got to know about various cases discussed during previous year interviews through online channels like Facebook and Quora.

PI: I spent quite a lot of time preparing for a set of hygiene questions and practiced them thoroughly.

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If there is one thing I regret, then it’s the fact that I did not give any mock PIs or GD/CDs. Though I am already a student of this college, I believe that mock PI/GDs would have helped me become more confident.

No don’t act cool and don’t be like me. Practice CDPI properly. One must go for mock GDs and take mock PIs. You get to know the perspective of so many people which is only going to help you in the long run.

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NMAT 2017

How did Sheena Jain prepare for NMAT

I had been preparing for CAT and NMAT since 2015. My first attempt wasn’t that great due to me being all “I am too young to get serious” attitude. I watched my friends leave the country and they were all serious in life, that’s when the reality hit hard: I started to FOCUS.

2016 I tried to manage my office work along with my studies and believe me I found it very hectic. I wasn’t ready to give up on sleep but I had to!!

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ON a serious note, since I was preparing for CAT I was a bit comfortable with NMAT Quant and DI area. Verbal is easy but I had to also focus on one my weak areas: RC and Vocabulary. (Yes, Happens. Some people are weak in RCs). I used to practice RCs a lot!

Logical section had patterns, syllogisms, sequences, critical reasoning, puzzles, family tree, coding-decoding, assumptions, arguments etc. These are topics that we don’t see in CAT and a few days before NMAT and after CAT I started focussing on these topics. I had TIME material for a few of these question types and made good use of it.

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There was one thing left to do…Speed Test.

I took a mock test, the official ones provided by GMAC to analyse what I know and where I stand. I was pathetic. Worst speed, worst accuracy and bad score.

I decided to solve a lot of mock tests after that. I tried to take all the free mock tests available on each of the famous websites like: TestFunda, HitbullsEye, CATKing, TIME, CL, Old papers etc.

I spent good time on analysing why I went wrong and understood what I should do. I observed that my scores were becoming better and better. I learnt quite a lot of shortcuts to handle a range of questions.

This helped me tackle NMAT in merely one attempt in 2016.

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