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Basic General Awarness for MBA

Basic GK for MBA about economy,sports,corporate,national.


Economic Growth: Economic growth has been defined as “an increase in real terms of the output of goods and services that is sustained over a long period of time, measured in terms of value added”. Economic growth is a dynamic concept and refers to continuous increase in output.


CAT 2014 Analysis

Overall exam pattern:

CAT 2014 had undergone some crucial changes as it was held on two separate dates. Timings had gone up to 170 mins.

No. of questions have been increased to 50 in each section. Candidates can switch from one section to another section easily. There was no change in the exam syllabus


Career After MBA

Before deciding that a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is that the right career path for you, stop and raise yourself why. The high paced life with money made placements offered isn\’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not everybody manages to sweep through effortlessly at the top. you wish determination and goals to sail you thru. you want to have a transparent understanding of the course if you would like to ascertain a career once your MBA.


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