Why do students score low in Quants ?

Quant is another important section in CAT with 34 questions out of 100. In this article, we will help you with 5 most important tips that will help a CAT aspirant to score good marks in Quants section of CAT exam. These 5 important pointers are those which students generally don’t realize when they are preparing for Quants section. Let’s have a look on it.

  1. Let’s begin with Vedic Maths:

Vedic maths should be the first step towards the quants preparation. Vedic Maths helps to speed up the calculation and gives tricks and shortcuts for calculation. A topic like Arithmetic will become easier for students if they are aware of Vedic Maths.Students can test their basic skills when they give CAT Mock Exam.


CAT 2016 First Cut Analysis


CAT 2016 – First cut Analysis ( Powered by CATKing )

CAT 2016 has seen the highest number of registrations in the past 7 years. With a happy sign : number of female candidates rising up as compared to the last year.

Talking about the first cut analysis from the Morning Slot of CAT 2016, the paper did not surprise a lot. The exam pattern remained same as CAT 2015 and the official mock on the website; however the marking scheme saw a small twist. 1 Mark for the correct answers as compared to the always 3 marks per correct answer. Negative marking existed for the MCQ questions; 1/3rd ie 0.33 negative marks. TITA Questions didn’t have any negative marking similar to the CAT 2015.


how to crack CAT

How to crack CAT?


How to crack CAT- 8 tips to succeed in it!

What comes to your mind when you hear about Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, etc? They are the names of cities in India. Right! What else? Some of the Indian institutes of management are situated over there. You are absolutely correct about it. Institutes like IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C are among the top b-schools in the country. Getting a seat into one is like indirectly securing one of the best job packages in India. There is no question that you will get to interact with some of the best minds of the country including their faculties. Also, getting associated with the IIM brand name itself reflects the level of competency you have!.

However, in order to get a ticket into the IIMs(How to crack CAT?)- you have to nail one of the most gruesome exams in the country.   I’ve used the word ‘gruesome’ because students usually experience a nervous breakdown when concerned with their preps for the Common Admission Test. The Common Admission Test tests a candidates reasoning, language, problem solving and various other skills. The task of solving 100 questions accurately within 3 hours makes the examination sound daunting. But, despite the challenge- a handful of students manage to ace the entrance with great percentiles every year. The 2 common ingredients that helped them in conquering the exam is- firstly, their level of preparation and secondly, the execution of it during the paper.


IIFT Analysis – 2017

IIFT has always been the exam that puts in surprises with the number of questions and marks. This year they have come with a major surprise the traditional 4 Sections was replaced to 6 sections, each will have a separate cutoff. Overall in terms of the difficulty, the exam was on the tougher side as compared to last year.

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The overall Cutoff is expected to go down by 10-11 marks looking at the difficulty level.


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Let’s take a deep dive into the sectional analysis:

Verbal Ability was a complete offbeat this time where we saw the back to school grammar questions like identify the adjective clause, noun clause etc. A more time-consuming section with lengthy para jumble and para correction questions. 10 to 12 questions were easily doable in this section. A good attempt would be 14 questions.

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Reading comprehensions were lengthy and not the usual factual questions. Still with time 10 to 12 questions will be a good attempt.

Quantitative Ability, was not difficult but definitely time-consuming. Keeping the overall time consuming one could attempt 12-13 questions. The section had maximum arithmetic based questions and a few geometry and modern maths.

As all exams, data interpretation was extensively calculations based, 1 set was easily manageable for all.

Let’s hope to see the results and how it goes. The overall cutoff is expected around 37-38.

CAT 2017 Analysis

CAT, known to be the most important exam for MBA aspirants saw 2.3 Lakh registrations this year as well. There were no changes to the CAT exam structure in terms of the number of questions and time. What makes it interesting is to see the shift in focus of the sections in terms of the difficulty level. Every year we see the paper being made more and more non engineer friendly. Which is clearly reflected with the Quantitative Ability section being made relatively easier every passing year.

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As compared to always the slot 1 was towards the higher difficulty level as compared to the second one , Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was the most difficult and time consuming. The most significant twist was the over emphasis to Data interpretation with giving just 8 to 10 questions based on logical reasoningAs compared to always the slot 1 was towards the higher difficulty level as compared to the second one , Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was the most difficult and time consuming. The most significant twist was the over emphasis to Data interpretation with giving just 8 to 10 questions based on logical reasoning

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Negative marking existed for the Multiple choice questions; 1/3rd ie 0.33 negative marks. Type in The answer Questions didn’t have any negative marking similar to the CAT 2016. However this time the number of TITA questions was more this year especially in the quants section.

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Overall the exam was not very difficult, was manageable provided your concepts were clear. CAT has always been an ardent lover of concepts and logic than calculations, speed and time when compared to other competitive exams. To provide a brief summary of the same check out the image and for more indepth details you can visit or attend the live analysis tonight at 9pm.

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Sectional Analysis:

Overall Difficulty: Moderate

The overall summary of the exam, it was not a difficult exam.

Verbal – 4 to 5 RC s plus couple of questions from  Sentence Odd one out and Critical Reasoning

In both the slots the RCs were based on Technology, social sciences – history geography and humanities in the broader perspective. The Readining comprehension did not have in TITA questions, it was more aligned towards inference based questions like the central idea of the passage which were not too difficult.

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Odd One Out – 3 Questions

Parajumbles – 4 Questions (TITA)

Paragraph Summary – 3 Questions

The parajumbles were TITA so adequate practice would have ensured good results.

Overall Difficulty : Easy to Moderate:

Good Attempts: 25-28

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Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:

Logical Reasoning – Analytics puzzles only 8-10

DI – ( 8 sets ) – Caselets all of them

Reasoning: Data based Puzzles 8-10 Questions

Data Interpretation: Case Based 8 Sets

  • One Case with TITA type questions
  • One Bar Graph – Difficult
  • Caselets – focussed on reasoning and analytical mind

Overall Difficulty : Difficult

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Good Attempts: 15-18

The slot 2 Logical reasoning was easier than the slot 1 as it had basic seating arrangement puzzles and not too exhaustive Data Calculations. Infact it was on the lines of the CAT official mock released by IIM.

Quants ( Easy to Moderate )

16 to 17 questions were easy direct formula and concept application.

Geometry 4 to 5 questions
Arithmetic 12 to 14 questions
Number system 1 to 2 questions
Functions and graphs 2 to 3 questions
Progressions 1 to 2 questions
Permutation and Combination 2 to 3 questions

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Overall Difficulty : Easy to Moderate:

Good Attempts: 20-25

Overall Good Attempts: 75-80

Verbal being easy to moderate; high focus as expected on Reading Comprehension and Type in the Answer questions from parajumbles

LR/DI being moderate to difficult with no conventional DI questions. Data Interpretation over dominated with very few ie 8 to 10 questions of reasoning.

Quants was easy with direct formula application and concept based questions dominated by arithmetic and algebra than the usual geometry.

Keeping both slots in focus a 99%ile would be an Ideal Attempts 75+ with 90% accuracy so somewhere around 155 should bag a 99%ile and a 105 to get you 90%ile.

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And for the NON IIM Colleges:

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Expected Cut Off CAT 2017

Feedback from some of the students after the CAT 2017:

“The exam started on a good note as verbal was pretty easy, and that has been our strength thanks to Rahul Sir.. What was surprising was to see no conventional data interpretation and logical reasoning questions it was all case based. But the good part is the Quants was easy which for a non engineer like me is always been the barrier. Hoping to get good results and keeping my fingers crossed” – Disha Jaiswal

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“Compared to the last year, the Quants section was easier and the verbal was at par, the LR DI took us by surprise but for me the conceptual clarity was there a good 12 to 14 questions should help me sail through.” – Biswadeep Roy

“A not very tough paper, overall moderate with verbal coming only from 3 areas of RC, parajumbles and odd one out. The second slot DI thankfully was more doable with some familiar type of reasoning questions. Verbal was by far the best I would say. Let’s see how it goes for the rest and looking forward to good scores” – Aishwarya Pandey

Overall I would say the students who have been constantly following my strategies and approach would not have found the paper difficult as it was completely aligned to it. Looking to see good results and many enthusiastic guys ahead battling in the GDPI. “Success Awaits”

Would recommend all students to relax, chill and take a break you have worked real hard for the exam and done your best. Now let the karma play its role, party tonight and come back with a bang for the series of exams lined up ahead, one day one exam can never give an idea about one’s aptitude nor decide your career path. So stay glued and keep rocking the battle isn’t over yet!

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All the Best to all MBA Aspirants! Punch in your thoughts and concerns and we shall sort you up.


CAT 2017 First Cut Analysis

CAT 2017 First Cut Analysis


CAT 2017 Slot 1 wraps up in a spree, not much technical glitches the overall Exam has not taken us by surprise, it was on the lines of How CATKing has been predicting the papers. The overall difficulty level was Moderate, those who have put in their best efforts would definitely be able to see good results.
Overall Moderate Exam
Ideal Attempts for 99%ile: 65-70
Expected Raw Score: 150-154+Ideal Attempts for 90%ile: 57-62
Expected Raw Score: 125-135

A quick summary of the Slot 1 Paper section wise:
Verbal – 4 to 5 RC s plus couple of questions from  Sentence Odd one out and Critical Reasoning
RC 1 – Malls have changed the society
RC 2 – Sports – Olympics has negative impact on host
RC 3. – Religious Maps
RC 4 – Technology based RC ( iPhone vs printing press )
Odd One Out – 3 Questions
Parajumbles – 4 Questions (TITA)
Critical Reasoning (Summaries) – 3 Questions
Overall Difficulty : Easy to Moderate:
Good Attempts: 23-26
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:

Reasoning: Data based Puzzles 8-10 Questions

Data Interpretation: Case Based 8 Sets

  • One Case with TITA type questions
  • One Bar Graph – Difficult
  • Caselets – focussed on reasoning and analytical mind
Overall Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult
Good Attempts: 15-18
Quants ( Easy to Moderate ) 

Geometry – 4 to 5 questions

Arithmetic – 12 -14 questions

Averages / profit and loss – 2 to 3 questions

Number system – 1 to 2 questions

Functions and graphs  – 2 to 3 questions

AP / GP – 1 to 2 questions

Permutation and Combination – 2 to 3 questions

Overall Difficulty : Easy to Moderate:
Good Attempts: 22-25
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Demonetization - Noteban

Demonetization: Effects on Economic Pillars

A year back, an unexpected appeal by PM Narendra Modi shook the Nation. It was an appeal to join him in the fight against corruption and black money. This could be the riskiest political move by the Modi Sarkar, however, they took a stance and start the implementation of demonetization. It has been a year after this bold move, so, let’s examine the results of the move.

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The move has had a great impact on the economy and has resulted in the following:

  1. Black money unearthed
  2. A cleansed financial system
  3. Drop in real estate prices
  4. Decline in lending rates of the bank
  5. Detection of fake currency notes
  6. Increase tax compliance

1. Black Money Unearthed:

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With more than 98% of the cash returning to the banks; it was not difficult the track the black economy. Some think that the demonetization has failed but the entire exercise has made it possible for the Government to uncover the black money hoarders.

Some Crucial Outcome of this:

  • More than 17 lakhs cases identified where cash transaction didn’t match tax profile
  • More than 3 lakh crore in 23+ lakh bank accounts are under investigation
  • 0.011%  of the country’s population deposited 33% of total cash. These accounts are now under audit.

2. A cleansed Financial System:

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There was crack down on 2 lakh bogus companies, which were created for the sole purpose of tax evasion. These companies had 100+ bank accounts each in their name. One of them had 2000+ bank accounts. Further, based on the data received from banks, it was revealed that about 58,000 bank accounts of 35,000 companies deposited and withdrew Rs. 17,000 Crore post-demonetisation. The above examples bring forth the modus operandi of some of the shell companies caught during the investigation. The wide-scale purging of shell companies is a proof that demonetisation was an earnest step taken in the right direction to cleanse India’s financial system of its deep-rooted menace.

The numbers show that the implications of demonetisation were huge, considering that it pushed the colossal financial system towards transparency, in one big sweep.

3. Drop in the Real Estate Prices:

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According to the Economic Survey, the weighted average price of real estate fell post demonetization. The report said:

“An equilibrium reduction in real estate prices is desirable as it will lead to affordable housing for the middle class, and facilitate labour mobility across India currently impeded by high and unaffordable rents.”

The real estate was well known for parking a lot of black money and dealing in cash transactions; which was reduced post demonetization.

4.  A decline in the lending rates of the bank: 

The MCLR i.e. Marginal Cost of Lending Rate declined from 9.3% in Oct 2016 to 8.5% in June 17. Various loans such as Education, Home etc also got cheaper.



















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5.  Detection of Fake Currency Notes: 

Fake currencies have a grave effect on the economy as they have an artificial increase in the Money Supply, which causes inflationary pressure.

The counterfeit data given in RBI’s annual report shows detection of 762 thousand fake currency notes, an increase of 20% since last financial year. Among these, a majority of the counterfeit notes have been of Rs 500 (MG series) and Rs 1000, 41% and 33 % respectively.

There has been no case of detection of high-quality fake currency notes post demonetisation.

6.  Increase in Tax Compliance: 

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Demonetisation has led to a significant widening of the tax base with a record increase of 26.6 percent in a number of new tax prayers from 66.53 lakh in 2015-16 to 84.21 lakh in 2016-17. In addition, the number of e-returns filed increased by 27.95% from 2.35 in 2016-17 crore to 3.01 crore in 2017-18.


There are many more benefits of demonetization, on average, revenues of urban local bodies across the country increased almost 3 times. revenues of ULBs in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat increased almost 5 times.









NMAT 2017

Sanjana Varada’s journey to NMIMS

How did you prepare for NMAT?

For the verbal section, I swear by Word Power Made Easy.It contains the easy way of learning the words as it describes the roots of the words.The practice word helps to get immense practice.

For LRDI and Quant, I followed the same preparation strategy for CAT.

I also followed NMAT by GMAC(Take the NMAT by GMAC™ exam to pursue the career of your dreams!) .This book has lot of practice questions related to synonyms, antonyms etc. The more you go through these words,more will be the familiarity with them .You can also go through a couple of mock tests on NMAT which will give you an understanding of the level of questions asked.Knowing Percentage equivalents, formulas, squares, cubes of numbers will be a lot of help.As I was facing problem with the speed while attempting the paper. I practiced mock exams diligently which helped me in improving my speed in attempting the paper.

I always followed a single order while attempting my mocks which helped me get acquainted with the actual exam pattern.

After each and every mock, I revisited all the questions inorder to check where I made mistakes and did all the problems which I could not in the exam

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What was your approach to prepare for the NMIMS CDPI?

The first step in attempting NMIMS CDPI is to prepare the SOP, one for CORE and one for HR.I aligned my career plans with respect to MBA in Marketing as I wanted to pursue my MBA in Marketing.Every word in the SOP has to be carefully articulated as the interview could be driven on the basis of the SOP.

As far as the CD is concerned, It would be a general case study on the current trends or any generic topic. I diligently prepared all the current topics like Demonetization, Brexit etc. Attending a couple of mock GDs in the nearest coaching center should be great use. This practice helped me getting over the fear of GD and speaking in public.Be well versed with current affairs.

For the interview, I learnt the different streams in MBA, the basic definitions of Marketing.WHY MBA???WHY Marketing??? This should be sorted as this is one of the basic questions.I also made sure that I knew in and out my work at TCS.I was asked a couple of questions on my work experience.All work experience people should be knowing about the nitty gritties of their job

Apart from all this,confidence and cool mind should help.

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How was your interview experience – excerpts from that

The first question in my interview was WHY MBA??WHY Marketing as written in my SOP.

A couple of questions were asked about my work experience.Minute details regarding the tasks assigned to me. I was asked if I had taken up any leadership role.Since I mentioned about leading a team, I had to answer about how I handled my client calls and conducted company specific negotiation in the interest of the organization and the client.

Second part of the interview revolved around me being asked to sell a product to the interviewers.They told me that my creative skills would be put to test. I told them creative approaches of changing the design of the bottle to align to the needs if the target audience.

The later part of the interview is mostly about my personal interests and hobbies. We have to make sure that we are not lying at any point in time and should be very well versed with our hobbies and interests.

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CD: The CD was a case study on the health care industry.The gave us a sheet of paper with the case study and gave us 5 minutes to gather our thoughts.I spoke about the pros and cons of the topic given. Everyone gave their points about how we should implement the idea,the amount of budget and the factors concerning the case.

After 10 minutes of discussion, everyone of us had to conclude the topic and give our opinion on the same.

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NMAT Strategy

Aishwarya Agarwal’s journey to NMIMS

How did you prepare for NMAT?

I faced NMAT for the first time in 2015 in which I missed the cutoff by 5 marks. I converted it next year by learning from my past mistakes and hard work by scoring 219 in NMAT 2016. My key learnings which helped me crack NMAT :

  • Take mock test very seriously and even if you give them at home do ensure that you give it in a single seating.
  • Analyse: Post test analysis is very important since it gives you a chance to know your silly mistakes and hence you improve day by day
  • Speed and accuracy: NMAT is not like CAT where you can take a break to calm your mind. So you have to prepare yourself to stay attentive and productive in those120 min to attempt max number of questions. Many questions in LR and quant can be solved by substituting the options. You should not leave any question unmarked because believe me you don’t get enough time to come back to the same question again
  • Don’t miss on slot booking: Yes it matters. If you miss your chance of cracking NMAT in first window you have two more attempts to crack it atleast don’t miss on registering for retakes as it is painful to wait for one year.
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    How to crack NMAT 2017

My preparation was based totally on giving a lot of mock tests as I was already preparing for CAT and had my conceptual clarity but my speed was low .Giving multiple mock tests from online(both free and paid) and offline helped me increase my speed gradually to level which was good enough to get a high NMAT score. For test taking strategies I watched CATKing Youtube videos for shortcut tips and tricks.

What was your approach to prepare for the NMIMS CDPI?

I did in depth study about my likes, dislikes, strengths weakness and  preparation of basic hygiene questions like why MBA etc. For CD preparation I prepared along with my study group of 7 people where we used to discuss relevant topics for CD daily at a fixed time of the day on Google hangouts.I also kept myself updated of current national and international news

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How was your interview experience – excerpts from that?

My CD topic was a case where as a manger each one had to put forward our views on the best way to implement a  training and its implementation within the allocated budget.

I was interviewed by three panelists who asked me questions related to my work experience and why did I leave a well-paid job and my R&D profile to come for MBA. They also asked about my hobbies and went in depth by asking multiple question on it. Two or three general knowledge questions were asked which I could luckily answer. The panel was patient and the interview went for 30-40 minutes.

Life @ NMIMS : Your perspective?

Life at NMIMS is full of deadlines, case study competition, group assignments, corporate seminars in which we get to meet and hear from industry leaders.I has a number of wonderful core committees and interest based cells to pursue your passion be it sports, dramatics, dance , photgraphy or public speaking– Toastmasters is one of them. The campus being located in Mumbai gives a lot of chance to plan for road trips and treks to nearby spots with friends. The exposure to industry is immense owing to strong industry academia interface which leads to a great learning experience for the students

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NMAT 2017

Sheena Jain’s journey to NMIMS

The college where I gave my very first interview was my dream college. In 2015, I didn’t how NMIMS looked, who the alums were, what the facilities are, NOTHING; but still I hoped to be a student of this very college in 2016 when I gave my interview,

Some dreams do become true.

Yes, I am a student of SBM NMIMS and I am very proud of it. The following elucidates my journey till now.

Initial one month was a bit tough. I had a very laidback life in Bangalore and managing the sudden hustle bustle was a task, but it is always worth it. The efforts we put in, are always rewarded.

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The first week was an orientation one with A LOT of activities. You make a lot of friends here. (The hi friend, the annoying friend, the “I will never talk to you again” friend etc). I will keep this bit a surprise, but honestly, it is one of the best weeks here.

After this, the next few weeks went in managing classes and giving interviews for various committees and cells of the college. This was fun too.

Then some parties and events to get to know our peers and seniors. (Brilliant initiative by our seniors to help us mingle in during our uncomforting days)

Seniors are always very helpful. The student council assigns mentors to each student and the mentor put in a lot of efforts to make sure you are comfortable and giving your best. I really respect all my mentors.

Every day is hectic but every day is fun. Some teacher will give you attendance despite not being in class, but behold, the reverse too happens. Some assignments can never be completed and some groups can never finish projects, some watchmen won’t let you enter the college without ID and some companies you’ll never get placed in, but, everything is just somehow exciting. When I look back upon the 6 months that I’ve spent here I realise that I’ve come a long way and love each and every bit of it (well most of it)

I’ve met people from all parts of the country and it is just great to know them.

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NM canteen is one of its kind and NM Bhaidas Hall is like a huge theatre, only better! The prime location of the college is like an icing on top of the cake!

What keeps us busy?

Case studies, college events, competitions, guest sessions, speakers, and classes.

I am coming to a few negative aspects too. There is no campus life. Course is expensive and there a just a lot of students here.

But in the end, I’m in a happy place.

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Project :

Telecom sector
jio rage.


Industry exposure
location etc.
Life at NMIMS……

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How was your interview experience – excerpts from that

My interview was in the morning slot and I was very nervous, just like the other students praying to get into NMIMS. NM releases its shortlist way before other colleges and I was scared about losing this opportunity.

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The first round was a Case Discussion round. A lot of amazing points were put across by the students from different parts of the country. It helped me understand how people from different regions have different perspectives.

Personal Interview. Before my turn, there was one girl who was nervously walking up and down and that left me palpitating. I was called next and my panel consisted of 3 people: A middle aged woman, an aged lady and an aged sir. The aged lady hardly asked me anything and I realised she was just an observer. (Probably observing how stupid I was acting)
Interview started with first question: Tell me about yourself.

Now I was somehow prepared for this answer but yes, I did stammer. Focus well on this because this is what drives the entire interview.

They asked me why MBA? (My actual answer would be to change my Stream, but I had to put it across smartly)
As I answered this, I felt that I myself didn’t know what I was talking about.

She appreciated me for my marks in 10th, 12th and B.E. and for my consistency. (I didn’t know what to say, yes ma’am I’ve had a boring life throughout)

They asked me a bit about my work ex. Where I work? What does my company do? What was your role? What did you contribute to your company? I could answer these well.

The serious silent lady asked me (She talks also!), if I were to give you a water bottle what could you use it for, apart from its normal use. I thought for about 30 seconds and saw her holding a pen and my answer was “Pen Stand”. Her expression changed and I think she thought I was obviously stupid.

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I tried to still sound enthusiastic and supported my “Pen Stand” answer.

Next, a few technical questions were asked. They asked me which branch of MBA would you be interested in? Though I wasn’t too sure I ended up saying Information systems (I will be specializing in Marketing). The middle-aged lady asked me about new technology and buzzwords due to IT background. Cloud, Big data, Data mining, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence were some areas of about which questions were asked to me. Then I do not remember how but she asked me the difference between UPI and PayTm. I could answer this in a very simple way (I use UPI, so I could answer in my own unprofessional way)

She also asked me about my hobbies. I had mentioned travelling and she asked me about the places near Bangalore one can visit (excluding the cliché ones like Coorg, Ooty, etc). I had gone for trekking and road trips to certain places, so I could answer this as well.

Overall, I would give my performance a 6/10 and would like to admit that I thought I had no choice of getting into this prestigious college.

I guess, Luck favoured.

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NMAT Maximizer

What was Sheena Jain’s approach to prepare for the NMIMS CDPI?

Honestly this was my first ever shortlist in the year 2016. I know about 75% student go for coaching: they learn the etiquettes required to deal with this round and how and when to enter a CD/GD

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I didn’t expect a shortlist. So, this came as a shocker!

What did I do? I had a few senior friends who sort of helped me with CD, told me what and how to approach a case. This helped me improve or at least sound good and reasonable. I got to know about various cases discussed during previous year interviews through online channels like Facebook and Quora.

PI: I spent quite a lot of time preparing for a set of hygiene questions and practiced them thoroughly.

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If there is one thing I regret, then it’s the fact that I did not give any mock PIs or GD/CDs. Though I am already a student of this college, I believe that mock PI/GDs would have helped me become more confident.

No don’t act cool and don’t be like me. Practice CDPI properly. One must go for mock GDs and take mock PIs. You get to know the perspective of so many people which is only going to help you in the long run.

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NMAT 2017

How did Sheena Jain prepare for NMAT

I had been preparing for CAT and NMAT since 2015. My first attempt wasn’t that great due to me being all “I am too young to get serious” attitude. I watched my friends leave the country and they were all serious in life, that’s when the reality hit hard: I started to FOCUS.

2016 I tried to manage my office work along with my studies and believe me I found it very hectic. I wasn’t ready to give up on sleep but I had to!!

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ON a serious note, since I was preparing for CAT I was a bit comfortable with NMAT Quant and DI area. Verbal is easy but I had to also focus on one my weak areas: RC and Vocabulary. (Yes, Happens. Some people are weak in RCs). I used to practice RCs a lot!

Logical section had patterns, syllogisms, sequences, critical reasoning, puzzles, family tree, coding-decoding, assumptions, arguments etc. These are topics that we don’t see in CAT and a few days before NMAT and after CAT I started focussing on these topics. I had TIME material for a few of these question types and made good use of it.

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There was one thing left to do…Speed Test.

I took a mock test, the official ones provided by GMAC to analyse what I know and where I stand. I was pathetic. Worst speed, worst accuracy and bad score.

I decided to solve a lot of mock tests after that. I tried to take all the free mock tests available on each of the famous websites like: TestFunda, HitbullsEye, CATKing, TIME, CL, Old papers etc.

I spent good time on analysing why I went wrong and understood what I should do. I observed that my scores were becoming better and better. I learnt quite a lot of shortcuts to handle a range of questions.

This helped me tackle NMAT in merely one attempt in 2016.

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