CAT Preparation Tips for 2nd Year Engineering Students

CAT Preparation Tips for 2nd Year Engineering Students

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

It is really great that you have started thinking about your CAT preparation from 2nd year engineering and let me tell you, its the correct time to start your preparation. As you are new to this , let me start from the scratch and help you prepare a schedule because if you don’t have a schedule for something, it cannot be your priority!

To begin with, CAT is a national level competitive examination, that consists of 4 sections,

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Verbal Ability
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Data Interpretation

In this Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation is combined section in CAT, each having 16 questions each and time given is 1 hour, i.e. 34 questions in 60 minutesQuantitative Ability and Verbal Ability consists of 34 questions each with a time limit of 60 minutes each! In conclusion, you have 100 questions to solve in 3 hours . That was all about the exam .

Moving on with the syllabus you need to cover. Beginning with Quantitative Ability , it includes basic maths that you have studied in your 8th to 10th std. This would include your basic arithmetic, algebra, modern maths and geometry. Arithmetic includes topics such as percentage, average, ratio and proportion, time speed distance, time and work etc. Algebra includes your simultaneous equations, linear equations, quadratic equations. Geometry includes lines, angles, polygons , trigonometry, mensuration, co-ordinate geometry. Modern Maths includes topics such as Permutations and Combinations, Probability etc. To begin with you can start taking up one section at a time and get your basics cleared. For this you can use the basic set of books and try to finish them in 3 months. And let me tell you, 3 -4 months is a good time to invest and brush up all your concepts. Gradually you can start giving sectional tests to test the waters!

Talking about verbal ability, it is one such section that needs consistent practice. This section in CAT consists majorly of Reading Comprehension , Parajumbles and Critical Reasoning, out of which 24 questions are RC’s . You have to nail this area. For this you need to get into the habit of reading books of various genres. Since you have ample amount of time, you can invest into 2 books per month!!! Make it a habit to finish up a book in 15 days! This will gradually build up your reading and comprehending skills and trust me, this is the best way to kill Verbal ability section. In order to build your vocabulary you must complete Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy. This is world’s best book for building your vocabulary!

Let’s Move on to Data Interpretation Section, to ace this section you need to solve around 500 DI sets! Yes, you read that right! Just because this section is all about the concepts you revised in your quants and how you cope up with your speed. This wont ask you some hard core concepts instead, speed maths and faster calculations is all you need to nail it. Since you are in 2nd year right now, make it a habit of solving 1 DI set everyday! If you follow this, within one year you’ll master this area and any set given would just be a cakewalk for you!

Logical Reasoning section is nothing but your analytical skills. This is one such section that you can crack, if you start building your analytical skills. Start with solving Sudoku puzzles daily. You can even try out a book called Shakuntala Devi. It is a really cool puzzle book, that will open up your brains and infuse problem solving skills in you. Gradually you can move to puzzles/arrangements/blood relations/coding-decoding types of actual CAT questions to test yourself.

If you begin now, you must invest around 6–8 months in learning and understanding all of the above things and start giving mocks then. As you will not be eligible to apply for colleges this year via CAT, but you can definitely appear for CAT to check where you stand and improvise later.

But let me tell you, this is the correct time to start your preparation so don’t waste your time and kickstart your preparation!!!

All the best! Stay Glued! #IIMOrNothing


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