5 Things to know before launching your start up

Entrepreneurship is a path of constant learning and route to self-development. Following are the list of 5 most important things that entrepreneurs must know before they launch their first startup:

 5 things before launching a start up

1.Your passion should be your motivation

For becoming a successful entrepreneur, you must definitely take charge of your dreams and ambitions. You might have to take paths not yet trodden and aim to achieve the unattainable.


10 Must read books for an MBA Aspirant

Reading should be a daily activity for an MBA aspirant. It is not a tough nut to crack that an MBA aspirant would benefit from reading books that would guide them for a better future, but apart from that, reading helps you in several other ways too, like expanding your vocabulary, improving your analytical thinking skills, providing tranquility and last but not the least, providing free entertainment !