CAT 2017 Results: 20 candidates score 100 percentile

The results of the common admission test (CAT) that enables more than 199,000 candidates seek admission in India’s top business schools, including the IIMs, were declared on Monday.

Like last year, 20 candidates have scored an overall 100 percentile in CAT 2017, but the profile of these candidates were different this year as compared to CAT 2016.

“While in CAT 2016 all the top 20 candidates were male and engineers, this year the top 20 list contains two female candidates and three non-engineers,” said IIM Lucknow

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Candidates can download their scorecards by logging into the official CAT website ( Individual SMS messages were sent to candidates informing them of their overall percentile.

India has 20 IIMs which admit nearly 4,000 students into their flagship two-year management programs. Apart from the IIMs, 100 institutes use CAT scores for admissions.

IIM Lucknow will call candidates for interviews in February-April.



CAT Results out 2017 [Update]


The CAT 2017 results are out; you can check your results from the following link.

Expected Cut-Offs:

IIM Cut-Offs

Non IIM CAT Colleges:

Apply for Welingkar; last date of Apply 26th Jan
Click here to apply for Welingkar

Apply for SIMSR; last date of Apply 31st Jan
Click here to apply for KJ Somaiya



Here's what an official from IIM Lucknow said:

"The results won't the declared today and we will be in second week of January," said an official from IIM-Lucknow

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow conducted the CAT 2017 online exam on November 26 at various centres across the country.

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The CAT 2017 slot 1 was held till 12 pm whereas the slot 2 of the exam was held till 5:30 pm.

How to check:

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the link, 'CAT Results 2017'
  • Enter the necessary information
  • After submitting the same, the result will be displayed on the screen
  • Take a print-out for future use.

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Selection procedure:

The selection of candidates will be done on the basis of the Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD) followed by Personal Interviews (PI) round. All the selected candidates will get admission in around 20 IIM institutes established in various parts of the nation.

Normalisation of CAT scores in 2017:

  • In order to ensure fairness and equity in comparison of performances of the candidates across different test sessions, the scores of the candidates shall be subjected to a process of 'Normalisation'
  • The 'Normalisation' process shall adjust for location and scale differences of score distributions across different forms
  • After normalisation across different forms, the scores shall be further normalised across different sections.

For more updates on  results, candidates are advised to keep a close check on the official website of IIM.

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CAT 2017 Analysis

CAT, known to be the most important exam for MBA aspirants saw 2.3 Lakh registrations this year as well. There were no changes to the CAT exam structure in terms of the number of questions and time. What makes it interesting is to see the shift in focus of the sections in terms of the difficulty level. Every year we see the paper being made more and more non engineer friendly. Which is clearly reflected with the Quantitative Ability section being made relatively easier every passing year.

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As compared to always the slot 1 was towards the higher difficulty level as compared to the second one , Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was the most difficult and time consuming. The most significant twist was the over emphasis to Data interpretation with giving just 8 to 10 questions based on logical reasoningAs compared to always the slot 1 was towards the higher difficulty level as compared to the second one , Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was the most difficult and time consuming. The most significant twist was the over emphasis to Data interpretation with giving just 8 to 10 questions based on logical reasoning


CAT 2017 First Cut Analysis

CAT 2017 First Cut Analysis


CAT 2017 Slot 1 wraps up in a spree, not much technical glitches the overall Exam has not taken us by surprise, it was on the lines of How CATKing has been predicting the papers. The overall difficulty level was Moderate, those who have put in their best efforts would definitely be able to see good results.
Overall Moderate Exam



Official CAT 2017 Mock released by IIM Lucknow

CAT 2017 official mock has been released by IIM Lucknow on Oct 30th. The launch was delayed by 10 days. If we are to go by the mock; we can expect less number of non-MCQ questions in CAT 2017 exam. These would be no-penalty questions; i.e. you will not be given negative marks for wrong answers.

The DI-LR in CAT 2017 exam may contain just 4 Non-MCQs as against 8. Quantitative Ability segment may comprise of 5 Non-MCQs as against 7 & 10 in 2016 & 2015 respectively. This will increase the chances of getting negative marking.

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Expected CAT 2017 Test Paper (IIMs’ CAT 2017 Mock Test)

SectionTotal questionsNon- MCQsMCQs
VARC 3410 24
DILR 32 4 28
QUNAT 34 5 29
Total100 1981

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Non-MCQs getting reduced each year:

If we are to go by the IIMs’ CAT 2017 Mock Test; there will only be 19 Non-MCQs questions

CAT yearSection-wise break-up in Actual CAT exam till 2016No. of Non-MCQs
2017*VARC-10; DILR-4; QA-519
2016VARC-10;DILR-8; QA-725
2015VARC-10; DILR-8; QA-1028

This is crucial since it gives more freedom to students if there are more Non-MCQ questions. So students attempting 2015 had more advantage than that of 2016 since they had 28 questions in which they had no fear of negative marking.


How To Analyse Your Mocks

How To Analyse Your Mocks

With few months left for the CAT Exam, all candidates should start giving their CAT Mocks. Candidates appearing for CAT tend to forget one major factor which leads to a low percentile. Every Candidate should analyze their mocks thoroughly. Mocks without thorough analysis is futile and is waste of time. But before jumping on the analyzing part of the mock every CAT Aspirant needs to make sure they have their own strategies and shortcuts to solve CAT Mocks. The main objective of analyzing a mock test is to identify your strong and weak areas.

Steps to Analyse CAT Mocks-

Step 1: All Candidates should appear for CAT Mocks

A majority of the CAT Aspirants don’t give Mocks. Every Candidate has the temptation to start giving mocks ” next week”  Before doing anything the candidates should get rid of procrastination. (more…)

Simplifying Quants for Non Engineers


                           Simplifying Quants for Non Engineers

   The quantitative ability measures the numerical ability and mathematical accuracy quantitative ability covers the  major part of many quantitative exams like CAT, XAT, GMAT, GRE, NMAT etc. Questions differ from purely numerical to problem of Graphs percentages analysis etc.

      Quantitative Aptitude for CAT is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Arithmetic (Includes Percentages, Simple-Compound Interest, Profit-loss discount, Ratios, proportions, mixtures allegations, time-speed-distance & time-work)
  2. Algebra (Includes linear & quadratic equations, functions, logs, etc etc)
  3. Geometry (Lines, angles, triangles, polygons, mensuration, 3D geo etc etc)
  4. Number System (includes classifications, surds, simplifications, remainders, cyclicity)
  5. Modern Maths (Permutations, Combinations & Probability)


7 points to remember for Data Interpretation

7 Points To Remember For Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation as the name suggests, is all about data. The basic idea that operates behind these questions is to test a candidate on his ability to make decisions and establish what would be the best recourse in different situation. Data Interpretation is one of the most important sections of management entrance examinations like CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT etc. Let’s look at some tips to crack Data Interpretation.



  1. To improve your speed, you have to be quick at calculations. Try and do calculations mentally as much as possible.


    1. Squares at least till 40
    2. Cubes at least till 30
    3. Tables till 20
    4. Fractions to percentage conversions

     2. T – S – C – F :

     It is very important for student to be well aware with TSCF which is nothing but Tables, Square and cubes and            fractions. Student appearing for CAT 2017 need to learn the tables, square, cubes and fractions before jumping to DI questions.


Important Topics CAT 2017

Important topics for CAT 2017

As we know that CAT dates are out and the D-Day is on 26th November 2017, there are many students who would be in a state of panic and confusions. There are students who are preparing well from the start. This article aims at giving some important insights about the expected topics in the CAT 2017.

Although there is no standard set of topics which are given by any official body but through the Past CAT papers we can get an idea about the topic. This year IIM L will be setting up the CAT exam paper and in the past when they conducted CAT it was way back in 2010; though lot has changed post that but you can expect certain similarities between the two. (more…)

CAT 2017

CAT 2017- Probability to get into IIM’s Doubled ?

Common Admission Test (CAT)

CAT 2017Common Admission Test (CAT) 2017 Exam for admission to flagship MBA/PGDM programs starting in 2018 and will be conducted by IIM Lucknow probably on December 3, 2017. The entrance exam will be convened by Professor Neeraj Dwivedi who is Admission Chair and Faculty at IIM Lucknow. Referring the past statistics it is expected that 2 lakh+ candidates will register and apply for CAT 2017. CAT has become a 3 hours exam instead of earlier 140 minutes exam. CAT is a mandatory exam to be eligible for IIM’s. The convener Professor Neeraj Dwivedi has done his specialization in Strategic Management.

Probability to get into IIM’s Doubled?

There is a total of 20 IIMs which provides 20,000 seats in total for various MBA Programs. The approximate registration for CAT 2017 is 2,00,000+ Earlier the intake of IIMs was 10,000 seats. But after a meeting held with the IIM Directors, the Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar had announced the decision to increase the intake capacity to 20,000 seats. Although the exact seat matrix and intake will be announced after CAT 2017. (more…)