5 Changes Expected in CAT 2015

“Every year we tend to review CAT and make sure changes- each operational and content. For CAT 2015, at an operational level, we are progressing to have it on a single-day in two-sessions instead of on two-days in four sessions like last year.Currently, CAT examination is inclined towards engineers. And authorities arrange to modification that!


How to Prepare for CAT in 4 months

What should be the plan of action? How to Crack CAT? Where to channel my efforts?

We answer these questions in a simple manner with the goal on “FOCUSED and SMART Learning”. Our strategy is to divide the entire preparation into three phases, Assume you are preparing for a SPRINT Marathon.


In phase I, cover the basics and become GOD in it. Like it’s always said, “Skyscrapers are well sustainable if built on a strong foundation!” Solve as many questions as possible for quants. This is the phase where one builds on first principles to prepare the mind for the tougher battles ahead.

For the verbal section, set aside two hours every day to reading. Read lots of stuff and with as much variety as possible. The topic, style, subject and size do not matter (Fiction, non-fiction, sports, politics, economics, science, anything goes). Just build the reading habit and get the mind ready to receive written content. Start by reading newspapers, business magazines or favorite English comics like Calvin & Hobbes etc.

This phase is similar to an Olympic athlete player spending hours in the gym. This phase should go on for about six weeks. (more…)