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Developing Innovation in Distance learning

Online learning has become a very popular way for students and working people to pursue higher education and upgrade their careers. Teaching an online course is very different from the traditional classroom courses, hence it’s imperative for students and teachers to engage themselves into the learning process for better understanding. Teachers must make effective teaching such that the students take interest and make the learning more interesting. This is called developing innovation in distance learning. Following are some strategies for making innovations in online learning to make it a successful experience for both students and teachers:

  • Using a blend of learning tools for better understanding:

Due to technological advancements it has become possible to create a virtual learning environment for students to make them comfortable to engage themselves just like if they were in the classroom. There are a variety of activities possible today to make the learning experience for students more effective. Online teaching should involve a part of traditional teaching as well as collaborative audio and visual effects. The teaching content should be made more interesting with live pictures and videos to make the whole learning experience more exciting and should involve student interaction and engagement.


  • Engage with the students:

It’s the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that he creates a very strong virtual presence at the very beginning of the online session. Teachers should keep supporting and motivating the students throughout the session so that they become open and let their thoughts out and interact with the others. There should be a healthy peer-to-peer interaction as well as a student-teacher interaction.


  • Quality of video conferencing should be good:

To enhance the learning-teaching experience, both the students as well as the course site should have good network and video-calling devices. The online course website should ensure that their site runs fast and their video and audio devices are of the best quality and give good performances. And students should have webcam devices and good internet connection to make their experience better.


  • Students should keep giving their feedbacks/opinions:

Getting frequent feedbacks from students helps the online teaching institute to realize their strong and weak points at their end. This helps improving the learning experience. Opinions about the teaching methods, site issues or anything else should be conveyed to the institute. This helps to sort student queries and win their confidence.


  • Allow learning through mobile phones:

The online teaching should not just be confined to tablets, computers or laptops. They should also be accessed via mobile phones since carrying laptops or computers may not be convenient always. While mobile phones let the students go through the study matter at any time and at any place.


  • Periodic student-performance analysis should be done:

The online teaching institute should make it a point to send regular student- performance analysis reports to the students. The institute should evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the students and help them improve on them. This builds confidence in students and makes the learning process more interesting.


Breaking the assumptions about Online Learning

Online learning is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s date. It has opened doors for many aspirants who wish to pursue higher studies along with personal and work commitments. It gives the advantage of flexibility i.e lets students study from home, workplace, café, garden or any suitable place via computer, tablet or mobile phones etc. Online learning has become a very convenient option since it saves the time and money of travelling and is cheaper than studying from traditional colleges. But there are several incorrect assumptions about online learning. Here are some assumptions which don’t hold true:

  • Online courses are only for business students:

This is a misconception that all online courses are structured only for business students. Nevertheless, there are many online courses for a variety of subjects ranging from engineering to legal studies. There are various online courses in different domains such as online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, online Master’s degree in Information Technology, online Bachelor’s degree in Graphics and Multimedia, Master’s degree in Health Administration, Master’s degree in Medical Informatics, Associate’s  degree in Paralegal studies etc.

  • Online learning is costlier than traditional learning:

Universities offering online programs are actually cheaper than going to brick-and-mortar classroom universities. In fact, universities that only offer distance learning courses have fewer expenses to bear. They are saved from paying land rent and maintenance expenses. They don’t have to bear the expenses of staff and personnel every month. This way the university can offer cheap tuition rates to the students. Also, it saves the travelling and hostel charges of the students.

  • Anybody can do an online course:

Very often people think that online courses are very easy and anybody can do it. However, it’s far more than that. People who take up online courses are mostly working people who have to manage their work commitments and personal commitments together. Hence, managing all this along with studies is a difficult task and not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires time management, self-motivation, patience and hard work.

  • Online courses can’t fetch good jobs:

Apart from the current qualifications of a person, an online degree will always look good on his resume. It shows your potential to learn new and different things. Also, the HR managers don’t undervalue online degrees to traditional degrees. A degree is a degree. An online degree from a well-known university will make wonders to your career. It will definitely make you a more deserving and meritorious candidate when you apply for new positions.

  • Distance learning will reduce the need of faculty:

The most important aspect of teaching, in a classroom or online, is a responsible teacher. Online teaching institutions are very particular about maintaining a small and convenient class size than traditional universities, keeping not more than 25 students per session. Hence, there is a need for more, not less, qualified teachers.

  • Online learning is anti-social:

In online learning courses students from many places participate since it breaks the geographical barrier. Therefore, there are students from different places with different ideas. This breaks the anti-social barrier since the students are engaged in meaningful relations, communication and social connections and peer interaction. Students are open to exchange ideas and learn about different cultural perspectives.


distance learning

Why It Is Never Too Late to Start Distance Learning.

Distance learning is a program which helps individuals who cannot go for on campus traditional full-time studies. Individuals who are working and want to go for higher studies also go for this program.

Now, the main question is whether there is a specific time or age to go for distance learning program?

So, the answer to the question is NO, there is no specific time or age under which you can go for the distance education.

Distance education is such a program which gives individuals all over the world the opportunity to pursue any course of their choice that too with it being online. It is a boon to working individuals as well as students who want to complete the course from home.

There are types of individuals who go for distance learning programs. Individuals having a planned work schedule, students having difficulty to go the full-time course and individuals who have work as well as family responsibilities.

This educational program also gives you freedom to try out various other courses. There are no mandatory courses as one can go for any course of their choice. A course which increases the interest level of an individual.

These courses can help an individual to shape their career and change it as per their interest. We often come across individuals/professionals who are not that happy with their current career and want a change in their work life but hesitate to do so. This is because they think that they have passed the time.

It also helps individuals to update their present career and open a door full of opportunities. They can achieve different career targets and personal goals through this program.

Qualities of Successful Distance Learners.


Thus, we can say that distance learning is not a bad idea for those who start late in their career. It is in fact a great opportunity through which you will get a clear picture about your future goals after the course is complete.

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Qualities of Successful Distance Learners.

It is said that distance learning is not for everyone, and it is true. It is difficult for a student to complete his/her distance education if they don’t possess the following qualities to successfully complete any distance learning program. Thus, making an individual a successful distance learner.


A student should be self-motivated and should know whether they really want to go for that course. Even the working professionals should have the motivation which is so high that it makes them open their laptop after coming home to complete their daily studies online.


There are many problems that one can encounter during distance learning. There are problems that neither the student nor the teacher can solve which are technological, problems where you can’t solve your doubts face-to-face. Students should also be focused on their studies.


One should be independent and responsible for whatever they do. They must gather their resources and all the required notes on their own. There is no one to help you with your doubts, notes and to ask you whether you understood or not. So in distance education you are all alone unlike the traditional one.


There are students who manage work and studies both at the same time, there are some who manage family, work and studies all three at once. For them it is important to have organising and management skills. As it is important to meet your deadline in terms of completing your homework.


Students should know how to execute their plans and the whole course program. They must take the initiative to give time for their studies and to know when to give importance to what. They must plan their whole day where if they are working they will know when and at what time slot they will dedicate for the learning.


Students should be able to evaluate their performance and keep track of things. Things like their weak points, time taken to complete each topic, & time taken to understand each concept.

Why It Is Never Too Late to Start Distance Learning.


At the end we can say that this article explains how one can complete their online course successfully and what are the qualities that help you do that.


distance learning

Merit and Demerit of Distance Learning Programs.

Distance learning is a way which allows any individual to complete any course of their choice anywhere and anytime. It helps students who are not able to be physically present at college. Distance learning program enables students as well as professionals to fill their educational aspirations.

There are advantages of this type of education as well as disadvantages, following are the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Job and studies at the same time:

This way of learning helps individuals at work to handle both, their work commitments and complete the education. It enables professionals to go for different online courses to update themselves and their resume.

  1. Money saving:

The distance education helps you save money. The reason being that the fee structure for distance education and tradition on campus education has huge difference.

  1. Time saving:

As said in the earlier point one can save their time and space by going for distance learning and not going for on-campus education.

  1. One can learn in their own speed:

One can learn the way they want to and in the way, they want to at their own speed.

  1. Anytime, Anywhere:

The facility of learning online enables studying anywhere and anytime. This feature helps students and working individuals to study on the go, on their way to work & college. This feature also enables them to study at morning, afternoon, evening or night.

  1. Appreciated by fellow employers:

Education when completed through distance learning in the present time is appreciated by employers. The reason being these degrees are accredited by the Distance Education Council (DEC).


  1. Distraction:

Lack of interaction with fellow classmates and teachers make the students slow in completing their deadlines.

  1. No networking:

As the course is online and there is no on campus networking like the traditional one students don’t be able to increase their network of friends as well as professionals.

  1. Lack of seriousness:

Online studies make students lose the seriousness as there are no rules like normal colleges and no teachers to show authority.

  1. Less or lack of motivation:

Students don’t feel motivated to go for regular online lessons because of not getting the same treatment as they get in a college.

Many Faces of E-Learning


We can conclude by saying that online/distance learning has its own advantages and disadvantages. The distance education/learning program may not be for everyone but it surely makes students/professionals go for various courses.

Getting ready for your first Online Course

Students who are going to enroll themselves in a distance learning course should know what to expect and how is it going to be different from the traditional learning. Students should be ready with the right kind of tools and study material before beginning an online course. Distance learning is convenient and an advanced way of learning and upgrading your education and career. Following are the tips to start an online course with:

  • Technological requirements:

Distance learning is going to through the internet, hence it requires technological requirements such as a good-working PC, fast internet, headset with microphone and video conferencing application or webcam.


  • Find out the login procedure:

Visit the course web site and look for the login procedure. Get the login ID and the password and get familiarized with the login process. Think of the screen as a virtual classroom and get used to it. Click on all options like discussion board, assignment board, queries board etc and know them well. Test the course in different browsers and different computers.


  • Self motivated learning practice:

Students should adapt to a self motivated learning style. Since there is no actual classroom and the teacher is teaching via screen, there is nobody really to force you to concentrate. Hence students should set aside a certain amount of time to login to their courses and study on a regular basis. Remember, punctuality is important!


  • Have the right study material:

Different online courses from different universities have different study materials. Some distance learning programs provide their own study material via soft copy or hard copy, while some programs prefer a number of books from various authors. Hence its important to know which study material suits best to your respective online program.


  • Know about important contact info:

Before starting an online program, students should note down important contact information about the course, professors, fellow students and its university. In case of any issue or query it becomes easy to solve with the help of the contact info such as mail ID and telephone number which are available on the website of the course.


  • Be sure about the course you’ve chosen:

It’s very important to know the authenticity of the course and its university. In case if it’s a paid course, know that it’s worth the money you have paid. Know everything about the course like its duration, subjects included, exam dates, assignment submission dates, professors who shall teach and most importantly, how much you will be benefitted from it. Good luck!


Many Faces of E-Learning

E-learning is the new way through which one can learn anything and everything online. It is the easiest mode used to grab the opportunity of gaining knowledge about new things on the go. An individual can take up more than one online course and update their CV as well as increase their knowledge. E-learning helps students and professionals who want to go for distance learning.

There are two types of E-learning such as educational training and corporate training. Educational training is related to concepts and topics that help school and college students to understand and clear their doubts. Subjects like Math’s, Science, English are taught. There are courses for corporate training as well, such as Digital marketing, and various other online courses.

Benefits of E-learning:

  • Easy to access.
  • Better way of understanding the concepts.
  • One can complete more than one course.
  • It can be learned anywhere anytime.
  • Reduces time as compared to traditional learning.
  • Transportation costs is avoided.
  • Ability to repeat the course.
  • Fast Learning.

There are some technologies used in e-learning which are as follows:

  • Hypermedia
  • e-mail
  • Multimedia
  • Blogs
  • websites

Disadvantages of E-learning:

  • No face-to-face interaction.
  • Lack of self-discipline.
  • Expensive courses.
  • No input from trainers.
  • Concepts are mostly theoretical and not practical.
  • Authentication of the user.
  • Questions are objective in nature.
  • Individuals don’t exactly finish their course.

Importance of E-learning:

  • One gets acquainted with digital literacy.
  • Activity and ROI.
  • One can learn any course of their choice.
  • Comfort and convenient.
  • Capacity
  • Consistent

Dropper’s Dilemma


We can conclude by saying that e-learning is a very beneficial factor in terms of distance learning. Individuals can get themselves educated even during their work hours and for students who want to go for job as well as complete their education. As distance learning makes it comfortable and also students and professionals get their own space.


Dropper’s Dilemma

In this article, you will read all about the confusion a dropout faces regarding their career, studies, and future. Their perspective regarding what they want to achieve, their dreams, goals, aspirations etc. Moving on, it is a very common behavior for anyone to feel confused about their next step in terms of choosing the right profession, field, further studies.

There have been huge names who have dropped out and become successful in their life. Names like Chetan Bhagat, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and many more. If you look at their story, the conclusion was following your dreams and staying true to what your passionate about.

The main dilemma of a dropout is, “what next?’’. There are questions that occur not only in their head but also questions from the family. There are several questions that come in each person’s mind, whenever he/she is confused about what they really want.

Dropping out can be good for some while not that good for some others. There are individuals who take a drop from the normal chain of studying to appear for entrance tests like CAT, XAT, NMAT, MAT and many others. During this period, they face a lot of mental pressure.

During the whole “break” duration, students start thinking whether they are capable enough to appear for these entrance tests. They doubt their confidence, capabilities and the time they are using to study for the said exams.

Students while on break tend to over think each activity they perform. They always be on edge thinking whether they have covered the required topics or no. The only way to overcome the dilemma is to plan the syllabus, topics and work hard to meet the daily goals.

Students on break can also opt for distance learning programs which will give the benefit of completing your course and studies. Even individuals who are working can go for distance learning as it is difficult to go for full time course.

There are colleges that provide distance learning courses. Some of them are as follows:

  • NMIMS Distance Learning PGDM.
  • Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning , Pune.
  • Amity University- Online MBA.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.


We conclude by saying that only way to overcome any problem is to face it head on and to overcome such dilemmas one can only plan, work hard and focus on their goal. This not the end, there are several opportunities that one can come across and make the most out of it.

Current Top Institute in the world of eLearning

What is eLearning?

Distance education or eLearning is the type of education for students who cannot physically attend the classroom lectures. This type of education takes advantage of technology to impart education not in the normal classroom environment, but via internet. Full time class lectures may not be feasible to be attended by the working people or people living in remote areas. Currently, a large number of students take part in distance education. Distance education offers flexibility, comfort and easy access to those students who have to manage their professional commitments, family, and other commitments and at the same time wish to complete higher education. Keeping this in mind, many universities/ colleges/ schools provide this facility of distance learning or eLearning.

What is the importance of eLearning?

The main objective behind implementing eLearning is to help students pursue education without geographical hurdles, time barriers and financial issues. It is not possible for every student to take up a full-time course due to lack of time,busy schedule and financial issues. Hence distance learning solves this issue.

Currently, eLearning is the most preferred method of learning for many. Its easy accessibility enables students from all backgrounds to pursue higher education to upgrade their careers. Some of the educational institutes even provide eLearning with study materials. Students from rural areas can now afford to pursue education from well-known colleges through eLearning. They can get their choice of educational degree from recognized colleges through virtual education.

Top institute for eLearning- University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is the world’s leading eLearning University according to Financial Times. The University of Liverpool was established in 1881 in Coop. It belongs to the top 1% Universities of the world. It has been globally acclaimed as the best educational institute. With its alliance with Laureate Online Education, it has been successfully imparting quality education to global students with 51 distance education programs in a variety of subjects such as business, medical, law, health, nursing, psychology, information technology etc.

The University of Liverpool holds the 123rd rank in QS World University Rankings and 157th rank in Times World University Rankings for the year 2014-15.

All its distance education programs have easy access since they are available online. This gives flexibility to students to adjust their studies with their work. Following are the benefits of this university:

  • It is a world-recognized UK university.
  • It provides collaborative education.
  • It provides 51 online degrees which are easily accessible.
  • It provides the benefit of sharing ideas and interacting with international professionals.

To know more about the University of Liverpool https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/

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