Global Logistics and Supply chain Management – A niche that you need

There is a need for managers all over the world with broadened vision and “global” point-of-view while analysing problems. India, as a nation doesn’t manufacture many such managers as of today. But, there is a change in the scenario with courses like Global Logistics and Supply chain Management coming into play.

“Global Logistics and Supply chain Management” program stands out of the plethora of Management niches available today because of its integration with SAP in several areas of the program, thus creating the best managerial skill set one can have – a mixture of both Technical and Business Skills, skills that global employers demand. The program builds upon your previous experience and/or education, providing an intensive and coordinated approach to study the flow of goods and services from raw material suppliers to the final customer. This product flow will be reviewed from a global perspective, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the international business process. (more…)


Logistics Management-Career Prospects

A degree in Logistics Management opens up several prospects to shape your career into. While Logistician is the common most job you might get below is a list of several other possible career options.

  • Business Sustainability and Green Operations: Effective logistics management can help align the carbon footprints of any company with long-term sustainability and this is a lucrative avenue
  • General Management: General management is a versatile field focusing on high level leadership as well as connecting the moving parts of a major organization together. Prospects after a General Management Degree can vary greatly but are almost always focused on day-to-day operations and the management of several teams working together.
  • Operations Management: Well, obviously. But a focused course in Logistics and SCM can help gain the expertise in a short while and thus deal with operations problems in a more effective way.
  • Project Management: Controlling and overseeing company resources and managing time efficiently to achieve targets is something that a logistician learns during his course.
  • Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship: Overseeing operations and staffing at a start-up also can be effectively learnt through this course which is an unexpected avenue.

Conclusion: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, provides the edge that a logistician needs  in his career on one hand and also enables him to be versatile and adaptable to several other streams of Management.