What is the best way to prepare for the GRE? Should you go for online or offline?

If you have an option of preparing through offline and online it will be great for your preparation.

You can follow the below ways to prepare for GRE:

1. Start your work by creating a realistic schedule of daily work. Because of the reason that the daily part is important, realistic probably translates to 15-20 minutes a day. “I’m going to spend two hours a night” is well-intention mostly, but unlikely to happen.

2. Use the official materials. There is only 1 published book for the GRE Examination.

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3. Materials for study purpose include practice problems and practice tests. Do the practice problems first, then start with the regular practice testing as the actual test date approaches. There are two official GRE practice tests provided that are free to download. Because the GRE tests are adaptive, they can be taken at any multiple times. You can get away with approximately around three sittings per test without significant overlap, so that it allows you six practice tests.These should be taken at least once a week for the six weeks leading up to the test, in an environment which simulates the actual GRE testing environment as closely as possible.

4. Find someone with whom you are able to review the questions you get wrong. The person need not be a professional if that’s not feasible for you, but it should be someone who’s at least good at the relevant content, or who has scored well on the test before, or both.

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5. Solve more practice problems for the content areas that seem to be covering the highest frequency of incorrect answers on your practice tests.

6. Even though there is no official vocabulary list, GRE prep requires studying vocabulary. Antonyms and analogies lean more heavily on mere vocabulary than the passage or vocabulary in context questions

7. Finally, just to sum up — consistent, well-planned preparation is the only key. On tests like GRE, cramming is basically a giant crap shoot.

All the Best!!

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GRE 320+ in 90 days

90 days is ideal period to study for GRE to get best possible score. But the period is long enough to lose your motivation and momentum. So the plan must be made flexible enough to avoid any possible disruptions such as work or family commitments to your study schedule. The schedule is divided into two parts. First part will focus on mastering the strategic approaches to each type of question on the GRE which includes vocabulary and math content knowledge and getting the answers to the questions right. The second part will focus on answering questions quickly and challenging yourself with tough questions.

Essential Materials

    • ETS Official GRE Guide 2nd Edition


    How much prep does the GRE require?

    So, now that you’ve decided to study abroad – Maybe you want to join your friends, maybe you want to make more money, maybe you want freedom from parents, whatever – here’s a quick guide to how you should go about it. First of all, know that you know yourself best, so you would be the best person to decide a time table for yourself based on how well do you think you can grasp concepts. Take into account how busy you are, when school deadlines are, how quickly you study, and how much you’ve already studied in order to fine tune how long you need to study for the GRE.

    Step 1: Figure out how many hours per day you can study.


    By how much will the GRE lighten your wallet?

    GRE Test Fee: ($97.5 or $195):

    ETS has made it clear that the cost to register for the GRE is $195 and is now fixed for students across all countries.In case, you want to change anything about your appointment, the following fees apply:

    Rescheduling fee: $50
    Changing your test center: $50
    Canceling your test registration: Lose half of the original registration fee.


    Common mistakes to avoid messing up the GRE

    Take a few minutes to consider what crazy things people do to blow the GRE exam totally. By being aware of these catastrophes,you may prevent calamity from finding its way into your test-taking experience. Read on to find out  Rumors about the GRE!


    When you’re in the middle of an tortuously boring Reading Comprehension passage, the worst mistake you can do is let your mind drift off to a mesmerizing experience in the past eg: a football match last night, a conversation with a friend. Moreover, even if you have to pinch or hit yourself to keep from falling asleep or flaking out, you need to stay focused!


    Six Rumors about the GRE

    You’ve heard ’em — the horror stories about the GRE. Rumors abound, growing wilder with each telling. As test-prep tutors,we get calls all the time from students trying to check out the latest scuttlebutt. Here are six stories that make the rounds every year — they’re as dependable as oversleeping the morning of your most important final Know how to shine through a low GPA!

    Missing the First Few Questions Gives You an Easier Test and a Better Score.


    Top-notch Universities based on GRE scores

    What Universities should i apply based on Revised GRE Score. What US Universities that i should select in GRE Exam for Score reporting?University selection at Gradate level mainly depend upon one’s GRE score. You should choose a school to apply that would accept students of your GRE range for better chances of application approval. Following list will give some light on what schools to apply for your Graduate Record Exam Score. What makes a good GRE Score?

    GRE Universities for Scores > 333

    US Universities for GRE Score Range of 334 to 340. Apart from strong GRE Score, Strong TOEFL or IELTS and achievements required for these schools. Read to find out whether to give TOEFL or IELTS?


    MS in USA or in EUROPE?

    Are you confused about which continent to choose for pursuing higher studies? While Europe’s rich culture and heritage may attract you, the American hype may also lure you. No matter which side of the ocean you choose, both USA, and European countries share an excellent quality of higher education, magnificent research facilities, and academic freedom. Before applying to superlative universities, it is necessary to consider a few things about attending graduate school abroad. In this article, we will determine the pros and cons of European and American education system and highlight the differences between the two in terms of :-
    Europe is home to various prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, London Business School and University College London while the US boasts of esteemed universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The 2015-2016 World University Rankings list states that 90 universities the top 200 universities in the world are located in the USA. Improve your vocabulary with  Verbal Maximiser


    Must bring things on the GRE test day success

    Imagine it’s just the night before the GRE exam and you’re already prepared for the test. You want to list down things important for the GRE Test Day.In this guide, we’ll go over the most important list which you cant afford to miss! Also read to find out what makes a good GRE score!

    The #1 Item You Must Bring: Valid Identification

    A must bring item to any administration of the GRE is valid identification. Without this, you will not be able to take
    your exam.
    So, what are the requirements for valid ID?

    • The name on your ID and the one written during registration should be matching exactly, excluding spaces prefixes, accents, suffixes and apostrophes.
    • (more…)

    Low GPA? Know how to shine through!

    Here are few tricks to get you out of that GPA rut and help you to create a strong application, despite your low grades.

    1.How to provide context for your low GPA:

    Despite taking additional tutorials and having a great GRE test score, schools may still interrogate your low GPA.
    You need to deliver their apprehension to prove that whatever reasons caused your low GPA is neither a factor in your career life anymore. Here are a few tips you can explain your situation-