How much prep does the GRE require?

So, now that you’ve decided to study abroad – Maybe you want to join your friends, maybe you want to make more money, maybe you want freedom from parents, whatever – here’s a quick guide to how you should go about it. First of all, know that you know yourself best, so you would be the best person to decide a time table for yourself based on how well do you think you can grasp concepts. Take into account how busy you are, when school deadlines are, how quickly you study, and how much you’ve already studied in order to fine tune how long you need to study for the GRE.

Step 1: Figure out how many hours per day you can study.

You may need to tweak the total number of hours you need to study based on your circumstances. Remember, you can raise your score by about 5 points per 40 hours of preparation. To a certain extent, the more hours you can study a week, the fewer overall weeks you’ll have to study. So ideally 3-4 hours of study per day continuously for 45 days will help you to get a good hold on the subject. After this, try giving a mock to know your areas of improvement. However, if you think cramming a lot of hours over the weekend would be the same as studying steadily over weeks, think again. If you try to burden yourself with lot of studying into a single day, you’ll probably wear yourself out and stop retaining knowledge after a certain point. Similarly, if you study sparsely without any periodic shifts and stretch your studying over a long period of time, you are bound to forget what you had learned at the beginning by the time you appear for the GRE. Hack: Take the total number of chapters you need to study and divide it by the number of hours you can study each week to
make a perfect study plan. Important tips to keep in mind for GRE prep!

Step 2: Make Any Necessary Adjustments

The more studying you’ve already put in, the harder it will be to raise your score. So, account for how quickly can you pick up new material. Can you grasp and retain information the first time you read through it, or do you need to see it a few times before it really sinks in? If you’re a fast learner, decrease the number of hours you need to study by about 10-25%, while if learning new topics usually takes you longer, you may want to increase the time by 10-25%.Do Smart work! To sum it up, the better the quality of materials you use for preparation, the faster you’ll get to see the results of improvement in your scores. (For example, PowerPrep, Kaplan, Manhattan, Barron’s are the popular as well as trusted ones).Know How to memorize Vocab words!

Step 3: Include Time for Retakes

If you think you may want to retake the GRE if you’re not happy with your first score, be sure to budget time for retakes.The least number of days you have to wait for before re-attempting the exam is 21, but, giving yourself anywhere between 3-4 weeks is counted to be safe so that you will have ample time to figure out what you did wrong and improve. For most people, two retakes are enough. Know what are the rumors for GRE?

Step 4: Double-Check School Deadlines

If you decide to send your scores at the test center immediately after you finish the GRE, it will take approximately 2 weeks for the schools to receive your official scores to review, so, to be on the safer side , make sure that you take the exam at least three weeks before score-submission deadlines.A lot of people ignore this aspect of the GRE which can cause you problems even if you score well. So, be in the loop about deadlines and apply at the right time.Never be disappointed if you score less than your expectations in the first attempt. You’re just testing the water before the next attempt. Read to know the Common mistakes to avoid messing up the GRE


Step 5: Stick to your GRE Study Schedule

Create a study schedule so you can track your progress and reach your score goals. First of all, try scheduling your study times around the same timeframe each day or week. This definitely helps in planning out the rest of your study timetable, and you will be prompted to study better if it is always at the same time. When you study, remember to take regular practice tests, to track your progress. Set goals on a periodic basis – Say, on an everyday, weekly, or monthly basis and accordingly find out what works best for you.Know What makes a good GRE Score?

The best way to solve a problem is to plan out the approach. With all your weaknesses and strengths known to you well in advance, there’s little chance for you to not achieve a respectable score in GRE.

All The Best!

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By how much will the GRE lighten your wallet?

GRE Test Fee: ($97.5 or $195):

ETS has made it clear that the cost to register for the GRE is $195 and is now fixed for students across all countries.In case, you want to change anything about your appointment, the following fees apply:

Rescheduling fee: $50
Changing your test center: $50
Canceling your test registration: Lose half of the original registration fee.

Know Must bring things on the GRE Test day!

Sometimes, score reporting can turn out to be quite costly to students. You can send reports of your score in the test to as much as four universities for free. Should you decide to send scores to more universities, you will have to bear in mind that this costs you atleast 27 bucks per university. Generally, 6-8 universities is the average number for most students which means, score reporting alone would cost you an additional 108 bucks, which is why you must take great care
when shortlisting your target universities.

Top-notch Universities based on GRE scores!

Prep Course: ($99 to $5,000):

Now, you should bear in mind that signing up for the test isn’t sufficient. As they say, practice makes one perfect and that is exactly what is required for you to get a great score along with some subtle techniques. This is the reason why most students opt for GRE prep coaching, and there is a wide availability of options to choose from, ranging between $99 and $499 both regular in-class coaching or online prep courses.

Read on to know the Common mistakes to avoid messing up the GRE.

Additional Score Reports
GRE Cost: $27 each

As mentioned above, your GRE registration fee includes four free score reports. You can choose which four schools you want to send these reports to immediately after you are done with the exam and have recorded your unofficial Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude results.If you still wish to apply for other schools, you can do so by signing into your “My GRE” account. The per score report GRE fee is $27.If you’ve taken the GRE multiple times, you can choose your scores according to the schools.

Score Review for Analytical Writing
GRE Cost: $60

If you think your Analytical Writing essays were scored incorrectly, you can request for a rescore at $60 up to three months If you think your Analytical Writing essays were scored incorrectly, you can request for a rescore at $60 up to three months after the exam. To request a rescore, complete and fax or mail a form to the address listed along with the $60 fee.It takes around four weeks for the score review and, during this time, you won’t be able to send any score reports.In the rare cases that the score is changed, updated score reports will be sent to the schools you indicated, free of charge after the exam. To request a rescore, complete and fax or mail a form to the address listed along with the $60 fee.It takes around four weeks for the score review and, during this time, you won’t be able to send any score reports. In the rare cases that the score is changed, updated score reports will be sent to the schools you indicated, free of charge. What are the rumors about the GRE?


1)Only Register for a Test If You Know You’ll Be Able to Make It.

2)Make Use of the 4 Free Score Reports.

3)Only Request re-scoring if there’s a clear sign your Exam was scored incorrectly.

While it’s possible to request a score review for certain sections of the GRE, be aware that receiving a new score is very rare (and it could cause your score to go down if it’s found that you were originally awarded too many points). Even if you score did not meet up your expectations, in almost all cases the score is correct. This can be kind of depressing to admit to yourself, but that’s better than throwing more money at something that likely won’t change anything. The only time you should request rescoring is when something seems wildly incorrect. Otherwise, save the GRE fee.

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Common mistakes to avoid messing up the GRE

Take a few minutes to consider what crazy things people do to blow the GRE exam totally. By being aware of these catastrophes,you may prevent calamity from finding its way into your test-taking experience. Read on to find out  Rumors about the GRE!


When you’re in the middle of an tortuously boring Reading Comprehension passage, the worst mistake you can do is let your mind drift off to a mesmerizing experience in the past eg: a football match last night, a conversation with a friend. Moreover, even if you have to pinch or hit yourself to keep from falling asleep or flaking out, you need to stay focused!


Every section of the GRE has a specified time limit. The on-screen clock (which can be turned off, in case it’s making you panicky) displays the remaining time you got.You know before going into the test exactly how many questions are in each section and, therefore, how many minutes you have devoted per question. Have a strategic approach for each type of question during your preparation to avoid missing out on easy questions.

Know What makes a good GRE Score?


Cheating on the GRE is a loser’s game — it’s just plain stupid. You can’t predict what types of vocabulary words will be asked in the test. How much is it possible for you to copy a dictionary on the palm of your hand? All the math formulas can’t be fit onto the bottom of your shoe. It is logical to learn the words and formulas than pasting it . Besides, the GRE tries very hard to test critical reasoning skills, not just rote memorization. The test never asks a question as straightforward as, “What is the circumference of a circle?” The questions require strong aptitude and reasoning, not just copying down statistics.

Find important details also on How to shine through a low GPA?


Every time the computer prompts you to go to a new section, you get a fresh start. You have three major sections-

Quantitative aptitude , Verbal and Analytical writing section.The computer is relentless. You can’t switch back to a previous section if you suddenly recall a vocabulary word that had escaped you (such as relentless, in the previous sentence!) You can’t double-check your arithmetic on a math question. Forget current section as soon as you enter the next. You can’t even switch back to a previous question in the same section, let alone the previous section.


The GRE contains some incredibly hard problems. If you are able to answer the first few questions correctly , the computer assumes that you’re a genius and confidently offers you real mind-bogglers later on. If you fail to crack the first few questions, the computer takes it easy on you and gives you a more subtle , gentler exam (and, alas, a lower, wimpier score). Suppose that you ace the first few questions and then get some super-tricky questions. Of course, you need to answer them because the computer doesn’t let you go on until you punch in an answer. But if the question is just way beyond you, make a quick guess (emphasis on quick!), go on, and don’t fret.

Top-notch universities based on GRE scores!


When you answer a question, the computer gives you a second chance. Your screen offers you a Confirm button that you have to click on before your answer becomes permanent. So don’t rush and double check for any careless mistakes.


You are offered a short break (usually five minutes) between sections (Verbal, Quants, and Analytical). If you don’t take those breaks between the sections, you’ll be sitting still for hours. Even just standing up, swinging your arms, cheering yourself a little bit will make you feel better. Read on to know the Must bring things for the GRE test day.


Depending on the availability of the test center, it would be fun if you and your buddy may be able to take the test at the same time. Big mistake.!It’s only human to try to compare your progress with your friend’s. Unfortunately, you and your friend won’t get the exact same exam. Your questions will differ. If you see your friend zooming through the material with a big smile on her face, you may depress yourself unnecessarily. (Maybe she missed the first few questions and now is getting a much easier test than yours. ) The GRE is one place where the buddy system just doesn’t work.
Stay Relaxed, don’t try anything stupid. Believe in the hard work you’ve put in and ace the exam!

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Six Rumors about the GRE

You’ve heard ’em — the horror stories about the GRE. Rumors abound, growing wilder with each telling. As test-prep tutors,we get calls all the time from students trying to check out the latest scuttlebutt. Here are six stories that make the rounds every year — they’re as dependable as oversleeping the morning of your most important final Know how to shine through a low GPA!

Missing the First Few Questions Gives You an Easier Test and a Better Score.

Right and Wrong! The first five questions do indeed determine the difficulty level of the whole exam. If you get the first question right, the difficulty level of the next question increases. It actually leads you to get a better score as getting successive easier questions is a remark of lower scores. Therefore, the first few questions are that “first impression” the computer gets about you. You might never get another chance to make a pleasant first impression  What makes a good GRE Score?

The GRE Has a Passing Score

You can’t pass or fail the GRE, but a particular graduate school may have a cutoff score that you must obtain in order to be considered for admission. Find out what the acceptable GRE score range is at each of the schools you’re considering.

Your Score Won’t Improve if You. Keep Retaking the GRE

Although having your score jump hundreds of points is uncommon, it has happened. Your improvement depends on the reason your score was low in the first place and on how much you study before retaking the exam. Although having your score jump hundreds of points is uncommon, it has happened. Your improvement depends on the reason your score was low in the first place and on how much you study before retaking the exam. If your score was low because you didn’t understand the format of the exam (for example, you looked at a Quantitative Comparison question and wondered where the answer choices were), you can certainly improve that score by taking a few practice exams and becoming more comfortable with the question styles. The study time you put into preparing for the second exam is also important. If you take the exam, receive your scores, register for another exam, and then begin studying again just a few days before the second exam, you may as well forget it. Although the experience that you have gained will help, your score will not improve by bounds simply because you’ve done this before. You have to study for the second test — or else you’ll repeat the mistakes of the first.

The GRE Tests IQ

Nope, the GRE doesn’t test IQ. It supposedly tests your ability to do well in graduate school, but some cynics say that all the GRE tests is your ability to take the GRE. Getting into a debate over that point is rather futile; you’re stuck with taking the GRE and worrying about it just wastes brainpower you can use for other activities. But be reassured that the GRE isn’t an IQ test. You can figure out how to improve your GRE score with all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques
— that’s much harder to do on IQ tests. Tips to keep in mind for GRE prep!

You Can Take the GRE on Your Own Computer at Home

Oh sure, sure. You can take the test at home — with your computer, your dictionary,your reference books, and your cousin Morty the Math Genius all standing by, ready to help you! We’d even be glad to come by and stand at your shoulder, pointing out all the traps. Sorry. You can’t take the GRE anywhere but at a recognized testing center. You Can Bring Your Own Laptop to the Testing Center Wouldn’t bringing your laptop be nice? You could load all sorts of programs into it, such
as math formulas and algorithms or pages and pages of vocabulary. Taking the GRE would be a snap in that case. Unfortunately, the GRE people are way ahead of you on this one. Not only do you have to take the exam at a special testing center but you also have to take it on the center’s computers. The only thing you supply is the brainpower.

Computer Geniuses Have an Unfair Advantage on the GRE

Computer geniuses have an unfair advantage over everyone in this high-tech age, so why should the GRE be any different? Now that that’s out of our system, it’s reality-check time. Sure, students who are very comfortable with a computer may have a little advantage because they have one less stress factor going into the test, but the advantage ends there. The computer skills required for taking the GRE are so minimal that they’re almost irrelevant To be a genius know how to memorize Vocabulary words.

Don’t just believe what you hear. Verify it from authentic sources.

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Top-notch Universities based on GRE scores

What Universities should i apply based on Revised GRE Score. What US Universities that i should select in GRE Exam for Score reporting?University selection at Gradate level mainly depend upon one’s GRE score. You should choose a school to apply that would accept students of your GRE range for better chances of application approval. Following list will give some light on what schools to apply for your Graduate Record Exam Score. What makes a good GRE Score?

GRE Universities for Scores > 333

US Universities for GRE Score Range of 334 to 340. Apart from strong GRE Score, Strong TOEFL or IELTS and achievements required for these schools. Read to find out whether to give TOEFL or IELTS?

Massachusetts Institute of
University of California-
University of Illinois – Urbana
University of Michigan Ann
University of Texas at

University of Maryland – College park
University of California – San
California Institute of
University of Wisconsin-
University of California Los
Carnegie Mellon University

Universities for Revised GRE Score > 325

US Universities for GRE Score Range 325 to 333.  Click for Best TOEFL Reading Strategies

Purdue University –West
Pennsylvania State University –Univ
Georgia Institute of
Virginia poly
Texas A & M College
University of Washington –
University of
Ohio State
University of
Brown university (RI)
John Hopkins
North Carolina State
Dartmouth College,
Iowa State
University of California- Santa
Case Western Reserve
Northwestern University (IL)
Arizona State
University of
Rutgers, State Univ of NJ, New
University of
University of
University of

 Universities for Revised GRE Score > 320

US Universities for GRE Score Range 321 to 325.  Enhance your English skills with Verbal Maximiser

University of
University of California –
University of Colorado –
University of Notre
University of
Lehigh University (PA)
University of Southern
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
University of
University of Florida;
Washington University St
Vanderbilt University (TN)
University of California –
Michigan State
University of Massachusetts –
Kansas State
University of Alabama-
University of
University of North Carolina- Chapel
Colorado School of
University of Illinois at
University of New
University of New
Colorado State
University of
University of
Oregon State

MS in US Universities for Revised GRE Score > 314

US Universities for GRE Score Range 315 to 320.  Get Best GRE Preparation

University of Missouri –
University of Nebraska
University of
University of
University of
West Virginia
University of
SUNY- stony
University of
University of
Oklahoma State
Louisiana State University-Baton
University of South
Indiana University –
University of
University of
University of Texas –
Ohio University –
University of Houston –
Michigan technological
University of
University of
George Washington
University of Central

Revised GRE Score Universities for GRE > 308

US Universities for GRE Score Range 309 to 314

Northern Illinois
Indiana University Purdue
University of
University of Nevada Los
University of
University of
Mississippi State
University of Missouri, Kansas
University of North
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science &
George Mason
University of
University of Nebraska
University of South Florida-
Middle Tennessee State
Polytechnic University (NY)
University of New
University of Arkansas-
Tennessee Technological
University of South
University of
Florida Institute of
Illinois Institute of
Washington State
Georgia State

Revised GRE Universities for GRE > 300

US Universities for GRE Score Range 301 to 308. What should you know about the GRE prep?

Texas Tech
Wayne State
California State University,
Missouri State
New Mexico State
North Dakota State
University of
Wright State
University of Tennessee
University of
Portland state
University of
Baylor University,
University of
Louisiana Tech.
New Jersey Institute of
Idaho State
Wichita State
University of
Southern Illinois
University of Alaska-
Pace University,
Wright State
Chicago State
South Dakota State
East Carolina
University of North
SUNY Institute of
University of Missouri at St
University of Northern
University of
University of Illinois at
Old Dominion University,

US Schools for Revised GRE Score > 290

US Universities for GRE Score Range 291 to 300

Northwest Missouri State
Illinois State University,
University of
Texas A & M University,
Colorado Technical University, Colorado
Boise State university,
Montana State University,
South Dakota School of Mines &
North Carolina Agricultural & Tech State
Southern Illinois University,
Florida International
North Dakota State
Western Kentucky
Cleveland State
University of Bridgeport –
University of Dayton –
Texas A & M university,
University of West Florida,
Eastern Michigan
Minnesota State University,
Suffolk University,
University of North Carolina,
New Mexico Institute of Mining &
University of Central
Southeastern University,
University of
University of Texas,
Eastern Washington
Southern Oregon University,
University of Texas at San
State University of West
Ball State
University of Texas El
Columbus State
Arkansas State
University of
North Dakota State
New York Institute of
California State University,
Dakota State
St Cloud State

 MS in US Universities for Low GRE Scores ( Below 290)

US Schools for GRE Scores – 260 to 289. Know How to shine through a low GPA?

Temple University, 
City College of the City of New 
Northeastern Illinois 
University of Detroit 
University of Arkansas Little 
California State University, 
Alabama A & M
Widener University,
Alcorn State 
University of
San Diego State University,
Ball State 
Northwestern Polytechnic 
Jacksonville State 
Saint Joseph 
Kent State 
Ferris State 
University of New Haven, 
Farleigh Dickinson University, New 
State University of New York, 
College of William & 
East Tennessee State 
Southwest Texas State University, San 
Mc Neese State 
Sam Houston State 
San Jose state 
William Patterson 
Western Carolina 
University of Central 
University of St Thomas, 
Western Illinois 
Bowling Green State University, 
Delaware State
State University of New York, New 
Central Michigan 
University of Southern 
Indian University South 
Saint Mary’s University San 
Shippensburg University, 
East Tennessee State 
University of Texas, Pan 
Jackson State 
Oklahoma City 
Frostburg State 
La Salle University, 
Monmouth University-New
Southern New Hampshire 
Roosevelt University 
Shippensburg University of 
Georgia College & State 
Georgia Southern 
Kennesaw State 
Long Island 
Loyola University 
Northern Kentucky 
Lawrence Tech 
Clark Atlanta 
California State University, 
Catholic University of America,
Ohio Dominican College (University), 
Ferris State University,
Fitchburg State University, 
Hawaii Pacific University,
Northwood University, 
Johnson and Wales University,
Governors State University, Parkway 
Troy State University, 
Stevens Institute of 
Florida Atlantic University, Boca 
Golden Gate 

What is the GRE Score required for US University Admissions?
A Score above 325 can get you into Excellent universities. 315 – 325 will get admission from above average US
Universities. 300-315 Score for Average Universities.

Any Cuff off GRE Scores for Universities?

Most of the universities don’t mention the GRE Cut off scores except a few. Check university websites for information. Having above Cut off limit won’t guarantee admission.

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MS in USA or in EUROPE?

Are you confused about which continent to choose for pursuing higher studies? While Europe’s rich culture and heritage may attract you, the American hype may also lure you. No matter which side of the ocean you choose, both USA, and European countries share an excellent quality of higher education, magnificent research facilities, and academic freedom. Before applying to superlative universities, it is necessary to consider a few things about attending graduate school abroad. In this article, we will determine the pros and cons of European and American education system and highlight the differences between the two in terms of :-
Europe is home to various prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, London Business School and University College London while the US boasts of esteemed universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The 2015-2016 World University Rankings list states that 90 universities the top 200 universities in the world are located in the USA. Improve your vocabulary with  Verbal Maximiser
Duration of Course
One of the key differences between the education system in the US and Europe is the duration of time it takes to finish the degree program. In the US, it takes about one year longer than programs in Europe because the course programs are much more focused and concise in Europe as compared that in the US. The advantage of a longer course in the USA is that you can intern in the summers and/or do a Research or a Teaching Assistantship along with your course and have a good weightage in your resume. Read on to find how to crack GRE in 3 months

Investment Cost
The cost of education in the United States is generally higher than that in European countries. Universities in different countries of Europe may have different charges, but the cost may go up to £10000 per year. In order to reduce the financial burden on students studying in the European universities, scholarship amounting up to 16 billion euros are available every year. The average fee for private institutions is around $30,000 per year, and a bit on the lower side in the public Universities of Europe.In order to help students cover the tuition fee, loans are available through the government of USA. You are also eligible to work on-campus for 20 hours a week to take care of the living expenses. Thus, adequate funding and ample scholarships are available for immigrants pursuing a graduate program in the US.
You are eligible for the graduate courses in most of the American universities only if you have completed 16 years of schooling (12 + 4), whereas, in Europe, many universities allow 15 years undergraduate studies. There is a great language barrier in some European countries,for this reason students are required to learn foreign languages, for instance, learning German level A1 and A2 is pre-requisite in many German universities. European universities are more academic oriented than their American courses. In order to get enrolled to American universities, aspirants are required to appear for exams like GRE, SAT or GMAT and get a minimum score requirement in TOEFL and IELTS. European universities require the students to be a consummate in English language and successfully accomplish one of these exams; IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), English preparatory program. In case you have average academic scores, it’s advisable to excel in GRE in order to get into a good American university.

Academic Term
Most of the American universities begin in mid to late August or early September and take a break from mid-December to early January. The semester pattern varies among every university – it can be either a trimester or a quarter system as well. A majority of the intakes are open to Fall (August), and some intakes happen in Spring (Jan) as well. The European courses usually commence by mid-September and take a break around Christmas(late December) to mid-January. Similar to the US, European universities too, have semester or trimester pattern depending upon the university. The deadlines of applying to the USA are much earlier than that of their European counterparts.

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Must bring things on the GRE test day success

Imagine it’s just the night before the GRE exam and you’re already prepared for the test. You want to list down things important for the GRE Test Day.In this guide, we’ll go over the most important list which you cant afford to miss! Also read to find out what makes a good GRE score!

The #1 Item You Must Bring: Valid Identification

A must bring item to any administration of the GRE is valid identification. Without this, you will not be able to take
your exam.
So, what are the requirements for valid ID?

  • The name on your ID and the one written during registration should be matching exactly, excluding spaces prefixes, accents, suffixes and apostrophes.
  • It is mandatory to have a recognizable photo of you and a matching signature.
  • The ID must be strictly original—not a photocopy.
  • The validity of the ID must have not been expired.
  • In general, it must be a government certified ID; student college IDs, credit cards, and so on are not acceptable.The exact forms of ID that are acceptable vary every country.
  • If you do not have a single ID that meets all of the criteria,it is acceptable to use supplemental ID. However, the name on all types of ID must match the name you used to register for the test.If you can, bring multiple valid identification proofs. That way if there is any discrepancy with your primary ID, you
    can produce additional identification and still be able to take your test.Read on to find Writing Tips for GRE

Necessities to bring to the GRE Exam: Computer-Based Administration

While valid ID is the only thing that you must bring with you to the computer-based GRE, there are other must bring items for a more pleasant and smooth testing experience:

Extra woolens/Sweaters: Testing centers are usually quite cold due to low centralized AC temperature. Bringing a sweater or light jacket that you can layer on will help you to maintain your own body temperature instead of complaining about the external factors hampering during the test.

Water: You can’t carry a water bottle inside the testing room with you, but you will require it to drink water during the break. Being dehydrated not only makes one uncomfortable , but also makes you less productive. Make sure you are well hydrated before the test.

Enhance your Vocabulary!

Healthy Snacks/Energy drinks: This is another item that you is not allowed into the testing room, but can be accessed during the break. A snack is important because the GRE is of very long duration, so keeping your blood sugar up is essential to maintain your energy levels. In that case, it is advisable a snack with complex carbs and some protein—like a peanut butter bar, almonds, fruits, fruit juices, cake etc.If you just choose something with simple sugars, like a candy bar, your blood sugar will spike immediately and then drop, causing fatigue and drowsiness.

Confirmation E-mail: Along with your ID, kindly bring a printed copy of your confirmation email sent at the time of registration . This email will serve as your admission ticket.

Pencils and Erasers(paper based examination):  Bring your own #2 or HB pencils and erasers! You can’t rely on the test center having an extra.

Make yourself acclimatized to test-giving conditions by trying out mocks at home in a similar environment and under similar constraints. This will make you ready for the BIG DAY!

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Low GPA? Know how to shine through!

Here are few tricks to get you out of that GPA rut and help you to create a strong application, despite your low grades.

1.How to provide context for your low GPA:

Despite taking additional tutorials and having a great GRE test score, schools may still interrogate your low GPA.
You need to deliver their apprehension to prove that whatever reasons caused your low GPA is neither a factor in your career life anymore. Here are a few tips you can explain your situation-

Situations beyond one’s control: This can include pathological conditions, family issues, difficulty adjusting to
graduation college. What to do?: You need to honestly address the problem and portray that you have moved beyond it.

Situations at least partly within one’s control: Did you make poor decisions early in your academic career?
Did you take the wrong major or need to work more than part time while in school? What to do: Take charge for your
mistake and show how you’ve become a more mature, responsible adult. Emphasize on improved grades and work
achievements. If you had to work, discuss how many hours, and try to show how your grades improved during the time when you were not working. Avail the Verbal Maximiser to enhance your scores!

A low or declining GPA with no disparaging situations: As noted above, this is a major red flag. What to do: You must be accountable and ensure that you won’t let it happen again. You need to take additional coaching and get A’s in all of  them to prove your motivation. You need to speak about what caused lack of motivation in the past, but what really needs to be communicated is that you are on the right track and that the past remains in the past. Be sure that your explanation is direct and concise. You want the “adcom”(admission committee, for those of you who didn’t know) to be able to see what actually happened, and not to think that you’re fussing or making excuses.

2. Avoid ordinary mistakes in handling a low GPA:

Picture2The biggest mistake aspirants make is to think that their GPA doesn’t matter. If you’re applying to grad school within 5 years or completing your undergrad job, the school will use your GPA to analyze how much you are able to achieve academically. It is also a method of comparing students.Some students will try to make up for their poor performance by stating that they were too busy to study and didn’t take their classes seriously. You must take full liability for your grades, and the scenarios that caused them – whether you made a mistake, had poor time management skills or made bad choices. If you tell the adcom that you were happy with your decision and make no improvements in yourself, you will probably not be invited to convert the incoming class.Read on to know important tips to keep in mind for GRE prep

A successful application to a competitive program will not focus solely on ways you improved on your weaknesses. You also need to give schools good justifications to accept you. Give instances of where you were able to shine and make a difference. Make the school enthusiastic about having you in their school, and come next fall, you just may be!Know the GRE most repeated words!

GPAs aren’t the end of the world. Yes, they are important but the AdCom looks at a lot of other things when granting
admissions. Work on them!

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What makes a good GRE score?

A common query that arises in most of the Graduate Record Examinations candidates is, “What is a fine GRE mark?” Will my marks be enough to secure me a seat in my dream college?  Well, the answer subtle lies in the question itself.  Different colleges have different cut-offs and requirements. So, what you consider as a good GRE score might not be the same for a particular institute! Every college has specific admission criteria. To be more precise, each department within a college might’ve different score requisite.