IIFT Analysis

IIFT Analysis – 2017

IIFT has always been the exam that puts in surprises with the number of questions and marks. This year they have come with a major surprise the traditional 4 Sections was replaced to 6 sections, each will have a separate cutoff. Overall in terms of the difficulty, the exam was on the tougher side as compared to last year.

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The overall Cutoff is expected to go down by 10-11 marks looking at the difficulty level.


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Let’s take a deep dive into the sectional analysis:

Verbal Ability was a complete offbeat this time where we saw the back to school grammar questions like identify the adjective clause, noun clause etc. A more time-consuming section with lengthy para jumble and para correction questions. 10 to 12 questions were easily doable in this section. A good attempt would be 14 questions.

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Reading comprehensions were lengthy and not the usual factual questions. Still with time 10 to 12 questions will be a good attempt.

Quantitative Ability, was not difficult but definitely time-consuming. Keeping the overall time consuming one could attempt 12-13 questions. The section had maximum arithmetic based questions and a few geometry and modern maths.

As all exams, data interpretation was extensively calculations based, 1 set was easily manageable for all.

Let’s hope to see the results and how it goes. The overall cutoff is expected around 37-38.

Exam Analysis: IIFT 2015- entrance test preparation

As of 2014, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was ranked #6 in India by the Wall Street Journal. The entrance exam, IIFT 2015 was held on November 22nd, 2015. Around 47,000 students took the exam for the International Business (IB) Course. With around 270 seats, the competition was high with 1500 students getting selected for the final admission rounds.

Getting selected from the 47,000 students and being included in the 1500+ list takes practice and good preparation. In order to prepare well, one must KNOW the exam well. Here is a detailed analysis of IIFT 2015, prepared by our experts, for our students.


IIFT 2011 Analysis

Overall exam pattern:

IIFT 2011 consisted of 6 sections viz. Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness, Verbal ability, Reading comprehension, Quantitative Ability. The difficulty level was moderate to difficult. The no. of questions was reduced from 135 to 120 to be solved in 120 min.


IIFT 2014 Analysis

Overall exam pattern :

IIFT 2014 exam pattern was quite different from the previous year. With the differential marking scheme the total no. of questions were 118. There were 4 sections and duration was 2 hours. The major change in exam pattern was that LR section was independent and DI section was clubbed with Quants. Sectional cut-offs were considered in IIFT exam.