IIFT 2017 Results Out

IIFT result has been released today i.e. January 5, 2018. IIFT 2018 was conducted on December 3. The table below contains the dates related to the release of IIFT scorecard.

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IIFT scorecard dates

IIFT 2018 examDecember 3, 2017
IIFT 2018 result of written testBy January 5, 2018
IIFT scorecard to be issued
By January 5, 2018
IIFT 2018 final result to be announcedEnd of March 2018

Details required to download IIFT scorecard 2018

Candidates have to enter the following details to download IIFT scorecard.

  • Roll number
  • Date of Birth

scorecard-of-iiftHow to download IIFT scorecard 2018?

IIFT scorecard will be available online only. The steps to download IIFT scorecard is given below.

Steps to download IIFT scorecard

Step 1: Candidates have to click the link ‘IIFT scorecard 2018’

Step 2: Enter roll number and date of birth

Step 3: Submitting details IIFT scorecard will appear on the screen

Step 4: Download the scorecard and keep preserve the same as it will be required at the time of admission

IIFT Analysis – 2017

IIFT has always been the exam that puts in surprises with the number of questions and marks. This year they have come with a major surprise the traditional 4 Sections was replaced to 6 sections, each will have a separate cutoff. Overall in terms of the difficulty, the exam was on the tougher side as compared to last year.

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The overall Cutoff is expected to go down by 10-11 marks looking at the difficulty level.


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Let’s take a deep dive into the sectional analysis:

Verbal Ability was a complete offbeat this time where we saw the back to school grammar questions like identify the adjective clause, noun clause etc. A more time-consuming section with lengthy para jumble and para correction questions. 10 to 12 questions were easily doable in this section. A good attempt would be 14 questions.

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Reading comprehensions were lengthy and not the usual factual questions. Still with time 10 to 12 questions will be a good attempt.

Quantitative Ability, was not difficult but definitely time-consuming. Keeping the overall time consuming one could attempt 12-13 questions. The section had maximum arithmetic based questions and a few geometry and modern maths.

As all exams, data interpretation was extensively calculations based, 1 set was easily manageable for all.

Let’s hope to see the results and how it goes. The overall cutoff is expected around 37-38.


IIFT 2017- Exam Alerts and Important Dates

Brief Introduction of IIFT Institute-                         

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is established in 1963 by the Government of India and is an autonomous public school to help the country’s foreign trade management and increase exports by generating, analyzing, disseminating data and conducting research. The flagship program offered by IIFT is the Master of Business Administration in International Business (MBA-IB).It is the only institute in India that offers International Business Program among the top 10 Business Schools. IIFT started out as a center to provide foreign trade advice to governments and has since played an instrumental role in conducting research in trade policy formation.

Important Dates for IIFT 2017-




Eligibility Criteria for MBA in IIFT 2017-

  • Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 years duration in any discipline.
  • Candidates appearing for their final year exam can also apply for the IIFT Exam.
  • Proof of requisite qualification by the beginning of October of the year of the start of the course.
  • There is no age limit to apply for the IIFT Exam.

IIFT Registration Process Online and Offline Mode-

Online Mode- The process of registration for IIFT Exam will start with the release of the official notification. For the registration of the IIFT Exam, the candidates are required to visit the official website and register themselves.


Candidates should retain a photocopy of the completed form and Demand Draft for future reference

Offline Mode- The offline mode registration process for IIFT Exam is same as Online Process. Instead of registering online the candidate can buy the prospectus through Cash or Demand Draft and send the form to the Institute.

IIFT Exam Paper Pattern-



Number of Seats

Currently, 220 students are studying in MBA (IB) at IIFT Delhi Campus and 140 students at IIFT Kolkata Campus

IIFT Fee structure

The IIFT 2018-20 fees structure has not been decided yet. But the current tuition fee is RS 7, 60,000 per year i.e. RS 15, 20,000 for 2 years. Along with this, the student has to pay RS 50,000 for the computer, the internet, library, alumni charges and IMF facilities. Students can pay the fees in three installments every year. Hostel charges at IIFT are under revision also. It was Rs. 47000 and Rs. 57000 per year for a triple and double occupancy accommodation respectively. MBA being a full-time residential program all the students have to apply for hostel accommodation at IIFT.

10 Tips to Crack IIFT

IIFT is usually the first exam of the management entrance season. It becomes essential for anyone and everyone to ace it, to build the confidence you need to get through the season, even if IIFT is not your ultimate aim.

  1. It’s easy but requires patience and practice. You need to invest your time judiciously and simultaneously ensure that accuracy is on point.
  2. One of the main sections in an IIFT exam is the Reading Comprehension section, which requires avid speed to deliver the best performance. The best way to develop this speed is to read newspapers, especially editorials.
  3.  Concepts need to be brushed appropriately because fundamentals build the ultimate speed. For quantitative,      speed and accuracy counts; and this might be achieved through strengthening concepts and practicing regularly.  Check out the trends IIFT Analysis

4. While giving the exam, it is essential to solve the easy section before moving to the difficult one, because the                  exam is purely based on cutoffs for each section.

5. While we talk about ease and difficulty, strengths and weaknesses come barging. It’s imperative for a                               candidateto identify his/her strengths and weaknesses. So that he can a lot proper time to convert his                              weaknesses into strength and strengthen his strengths more.

6.You can get the extra edge by ensuring that you’re aware of both current as well as static GK because acing this            section is what will make or break this entrance for you.

7. It is a test of your speed and accuracy. So practice is what is going to get you ahead of others. Take mock tests,              run them through and analyse them. Prepare yourself for the time frame to get rid of any factor that is not                    adding to your performance.

8.Your focus should be on business and trade related general knowledge, because that is what the test setter is                   going to focus on. Read newspapers for current news and knowledge.

9.You always start with your strengths, in/out of the paper because it gives you a moral boost that makes the                   second half easy to attempt. Donot get stuck at a question while attempting the paper. If you donot know the                 answer, skip and come back to it once you’ve skimmed through the complete paper. That way you don’t miss                  something that you know only because you spent all your time on something that you didn’t know.

10. Like any other task in life, it is really important for you to ensure that your body doesn’t give up. You need to               eat, sleep and exercise well to be fresh and active all the time.

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Strategy for IIFT

“Never attempt an IIFT Entrance Test without a well-defined strategy”

–         Most of the IIFT Toppers

The above quote says it all. The difficulty level of the IIFT Entrance Test keeps changing every year. So having a strategy towards your preparation will help you in covering all your bases.

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A few key points to remember:


Strategy for IIFT GK

The people who have cracked IIFT are the ones who were well-prepared for every section. In IIFT, most of the students are able to score in the 4 sections of Quant, DI, Logic & Verbal Ability. However, the GK section in IIFT is usually the deciding factor for the overall scores. Knowing how to score in this section will be essential for every student who plans to get into IIFT. But, before knowing how to prepare for General Knowledge, you should have an idea about what to expect in the section.