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Unconventional Entreprenuers Around The World

Entreprenuer, the word always gives the idea of all those hard working buinessmen or business women, who after getting relevant degrees from the top notch Bschools venture into their own businesses. While there are some successful entreprenuers  who never went to any Bschool, they are just driven by their seer passion and became a brand. Let us read about some of those unconventional entreprenuers.

1.Tucker Max


Tucker Max



Journey From IT to MBA from NMIMS !

My journey like every other MBA aspirant began with the dream to make it to one of the coveted institutes, premier B-Schools which went through its own turmoil but the right mentoring at CATKing molded me to make it to the best of the best always!

Most of you might resonate with my story … An IT engineer working @Infosys bored of the daily rut routine finally decided to take things in hand to make it big! Like Rahul Sir always says – ” Dream BIG” he imbibed this into me that made me stay motivated and focused always.


How an MBA grad became a marketplace millionaire by selling umbrellas

“It is used in religious ceremonies, photography, as a weapon of attack and even as protection against an attack. The first reference of this device was made 24 centuries ago as ‘Zhou Li’. In the Indian context, it is referred in Mahabharata while talking about Jamadagni and his devoted wife, Renuka.”

An umbrella, as we know it today, is primarily used to protect us from the rains and sunlight. But unlike many, Pratik Doshi saw the opportunity to build an entire business on it. For someone who has generated a revenue of more than Rs. 30 lakhs(USD 50,000) in a couple of months by selling umbrellas, Pratik welcomes and embraces the rains with an unparalleled enthusiasm.


Inspiring Stories

Inspiring stories

Taskbob looks to encash boom in hyperlocal home services market

Owing to the fragmented nature of the hyperlocal home services market and lack of transparency regarding price and quality of services offered, Taskbob, the brainchild of four IIT Bombay alumni, aims to organize it using mobile applications based technology. It, like many others in the space, have set out to solve a major pain point faced by consumers through standardized, reliable and instant home services.